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    There was no bad news. The FOMC meeting came out. There was no rate cut. It was all priced into the market, ... I think Bush's economic team is regarded positively and there was really no reason to sell.

    Various individuals owed money and would be told hey had to pay. References were made to threats of violence.

    This is a generous enough offer to win the day, ... There will be more bid activity voice-centric companies need to expand beyond that (into data-related services), and they're much easier to buy than to build.

    It's going to be an upgrade phenomenon. People will buy the car they always dreamed of, the holiday they've always wanted.

    We have no idea who were coming over. There was no screening done by immigration authorities before these people came into the United States. There could have been drug dealers, terrorists and God knows who coming in those boats, cars and trains.

    I think people are starting to accept that we're in a bear market and I think now they are viewing the news differently, like negative consumer sentiment,

    We thought we could spin the news story of a Gregorian chant hit in Europe into something that would catch the attention of the media here, ... We put a big bet on the roulette table. We spent a great deal of money in buying some TV advertising. So, we got the message out there that this thing existed and our distribution company was right there with us and we got the initial distribution.

    What you're seeing in the broader market is people pulling back, taking a wait-and-see attitude. Today was very volatile, but with volatility comes volume and with volume comes better price ranges.

    My opinion is if you are going to teach evolution, then you have to teach creationism. Being a Christian, you ought to teach creationism. My opinion is that is fact.

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