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    The OECD comments that it sees no immediate pressures to change U.S. monetary policy,

    What seems to be happening is that U.S. business sentiment is faltering and consumer sentiment is tailing off.

    There are several hundred billion dollars of positions in the carry trade that will be unwound as soon as they become unprofitable. When the Bank of Japan starts tightening we may see some spectacular effects. The world has never been through this before, so there is a high risk of mistakes.

    Talent agencies practicing unscrupulous sales tactics are definitely a problem in the industry, ... So many people out there don't understand they need to check agencies out.

    I think when you've travelled around a lot in Africa, you understand something that many people here don't recognize: the extraordinary power that is Africa at village level - at community level.

    I'm in a great rage now, as I understand how many lives we have lost.

    Gordon Brown's proudest boast is that, during his stewardship, the U. K. economy has consistently grown from one quarter to the next. The Bank Governor seems to be saying that this achievement was primarily a 'nice' decade phenomenon, and not the hard-won and well-merited result of outstandingly successful policies.

    It is not clear what the impact of estrangement between the U.S. and some its allies will have on the financial sphere. The last G7 meeting did not achieve a great deal,

    The ostensible purpose of the 'golden rule' is to enhance confidence in the Government's handling of fiscal policy. It is doubtful whether it is any longer fulfilling that function.

    But I don't want to leave until I see the breakthrough.

    There's relief the immediate sense of alarm over Japan has passed. Yesterday there was genuine worry Japan's stock market could go into meltdown.

    The public finances are in disarray. There have been some horrible misses on the deficit in recent years. Something must be seriously amiss at the Treasury.

    It is always the village women who drive these things.

    Your collective voices must be heard on the funding dimensions of a vaccine. It can't be left solely to activists. You're the influential professionals. You should give no quarter. The world depends on it.

    I want to be cautious here, because Africa is a hugely complex continent and you can't really generalize about it.

    It is worth noting that, in its revised forecasts for GDP growth, the OECD saw fit to raise its 1999 forecasts for most (euro-zone) member-countries, as compared with its June projections, but lowered those for Germany and Italy.

    Truthfully, when I see what we can accomplish with money on the ground, it's the only time in my life I have wished I was Bill Gates.

    I learned later, just as a footnote, that the World Assembly of Youth was a CIA front.

    Unless there is recognition that women are most vulnerable... and you do something about social and cultural equality for women, you're never going to defeat this pandemic.

    Young women, adolescent girls, are more subject to infection, sometimes at a rate of six times that of boys. That tells you a lot about the vulnerability of women.

    In some ways, I think people who have been in the career service have an advantage.

    It seems to me sad when ... you give a platform to the charlatans. It is doing great damage to the struggle. It sows confusion and uncertainty where there should be no confusion and uncertainty.

    This is an extraordinary initiative. This is a really serious initiative.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the condom crisis in Uganda is being driven by (U. S. programs), ... To impose a dogma-driven policy that is fundamentally flawed is doing damage to Africa.

    The pandemic of AIDS is a gender-based disease.

    You do not need sex at your age. Wait until you are married. You can choose to fight AIDS by saying no and be able to stay alive.

    I was working for the Socialist International, after I left university in 1959, as a researcher.

    I should have moved for a continuation and deposed him. It affected the outcome. I called (Alcorn's) girlfriend without interviewing her in advance. It was a horrible mistake that prejudiced the case.

    What has happened to women is such a gross and palpable violation of human rights that the funding must be found. We must right the wrong.

    One is that if women's sexuality in Africa wasn't under assault, if women were able to say no, if women weren't subject to predatory attacks by men, or predatory behaviour generally, then you would have a disease in Africa called AIDS. But you wouldn't have a pandemic.

    Mr. Lewis's book is a compilation of lectures he delivered as a private citizen during the past year. In his last chapter, he commends South Africa for devoting an ample share of its budget to AIDS problems and for its efforts to prevent new infections. But on treatment, it is lagging unconscionably, ... What troubles me, and troubles me deeply, is that the United Nations knows that something is terribly wrong, and yet we feel we cannot say anything about it.

    If the funds are not there you compromise treatment, care and prevention and compromising these means compromising millions of lives on the African continent.

    It gives one hope, this great strength of Africa.

    Wherever the capital inflows come from, it is clear that Iceland would not have been able to run so large a current account deficit without them and would have had to curb internal demand a while ago. The same is true, of course, of the U.S. (and of the U.K. for that matter). The key question in these instances is how reliable the capital inflows are.

    A trial of strength may be emerging on the ECB monetary council between the Frankfurt-based board and the representatives of some of the central banks,

    When people are dying by the thousands every day, unnecessarily, when we've had this horrendous pandemic unfold for two decades while the world stands by and watches - you'll do anything in your power to move the process.

    The situation of people living and dying with AIDS in parts of Africa is so desperate that even the most basic help will bring solace and hope.

    I don't think the world yet realizes the carnage that is to come. I don't think the world yet realizes the full, incomparable horror of AIDS, and its inexorable spread around the planet.

    and said I could not come to South Africa until I had apologized to many individuals and groups, the president and herself included.

    The United Nations has a lot of capacity on the ground.

    Over the last eight to 10 months, there's been a very significant decline in the use of condoms, significantly orchestrated by the policies of the government.

    All I know is that every time I go to Africa, I am shaken to my core.

    I'm not big on titles, but I think any title that is associated directly with the Secretary General will gain access.

    The large German banks now seem to be more interested in competing with Anglo-Saxon banks in international markets than in nurturing their long-standing domestic lending business.

    There is no question in my mind that the condom crisis in Uganda is being driven and exacerbated by PEPFAR and by the extreme policies that the administration in the U. S. is now pursuing in the emphasis on abstinence,

    The tremendous sophistication and collaborative work that goes on in communities, which are under siege, they're desperately impoverished, and the backbone of all of that are the women of Africa.

    There's a steadily diminishing lack of commitment on the part of the world to release money for the Global Fund,

    every senior U. N. official, engaged directly or indirectly in the struggle against AIDS, to whom I have spoken about South Africa, is completely bewildered by the policies of President Mbeki.

    At that point in time he did something that was unacceptable. It was unacceptable. Period.

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