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    I played the best role I've ever seen on TV or film in the last five years. It was hugely gratifying.

    I had my electricity turned off three times because I never had time to pay my bills. It was a joke. I'm making a ton of money, and I'm walking around my apartment with flashlights.

    My character is not a surgeon, thank God. I would fall apart if I had to sit and watch someone being cut open to prepare for the role.

    I'm a terrible patient, and I find that doctors can be very condescending.

    It took a long time to get out of my contract. The producers thought I was negotiating for more money.

    Only the patients have to take off their clothes. I think I'm pretty safe.

    I am extremely grateful for the time I spent on ER, ... It is a wonderful show, and there are so many people I will miss. But I'm ready for new roles and new challenges.

    People can get certain good things out of fame, but until it killed a princess nobody ever talked about how bad it can be.

    I don't get rattled about the big things. I get rattled when I have to pick up my laundry, get gas in the car, pick up a script.

    People don't want to know that as a woman, I made my own decision as a woman to leave, It has to be I was so burnt out or in love. On her decision to quit E.R.

    When you walk away from a really wonderful job like that, you start messing with everyone's priorities. It's like you're dissing them.

    I love going to the set every day, because Noah Wylie will be there waiting.

    The lines are the last thing I have to worry about. When we film those scenes, we go through several rooms at once, without the camera stopping.

    There's only so much you can do with an attorney on a show that's about New York policemen.

    It took the producers a while to realize I wanted a full-bodied life. I wanted to get out before I felt I'd sacrificed so much to get somewhere that I couldn't afford to leave.

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