Shel Silverstein Quotes (53 Quotes)

    Have you been to The Land of Happy,Where everyone's happy all day,Where they joke and they singOf the happiest things,And everything's jolly and gayThere's no one unhappy in Happy, There's laughter and smiles galore.I have been to The Land of Happy - What a bore

    I tried on the farmer's hat, Didn't fit... A little too small just a bit Too floppy. .... I tried on the summer sun, Felt good. Nice and warm knew it would. Tried the grass beneath bare feet, Felt neat. Finally, finally felt well dressed, Nature's clothes fit me best.

    Ricky was L but he's home with the flu,Lizzie, our O, had some homework to do,Mitchell, E prob'ly got lost on the way,So I'm all of the love that could make it today.

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