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    I was wishing I was invisible. Outside, the leaves were falling to the ground, and I was infinitely sad, sad down to my bones. I was sad for Phoebe and her parents and Prudence and Mike, sad for the leaves that were dying, and sad for myself, for something I had lost.

    On that night after Phoebe had given her Pandora report, I thought about the Hope in Pandora's box. Maybe when everything seemed sad and miserable, Phoebe and I could both hope that something might start to go right.

    Sometimes you know in your heart you love someone, but you have to go away before your head can figure it out.

    What I have since realized is that if people expect you to be brave, sometimes you pretend that you are, even when you are frightened down to your very bones.

    You can't keep the birds of sadness from flying over your head, but you can keep them from nesting in your hair.

    Being a mother is like trying to hold a wolf by the ears,ö Gram said. ôIf you have three or four ûor more û chickabiddies, youÆre dancing on a hot griddle all the time. You donÆt have time to think about anything else. And if youÆve only got one or two, itÆs almost harder. You have room left over û empty spaces that you think youÆve got to fill up.

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