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    There is a photograph of the other suspect as well but there is doubt about him, and security forces are still investigating,

    Another official said talk of a 90-day ultimatum or an official demarche ... ideas kicked around by people but not ideas that are anywhere close to making it to the president's desk.

    The embassy in Riyadh contacted the Saudi authorities immediately after the broadcast last night,

    an election ploy requested by (Vice President) Al Gore. It seems that his request was granted by Clinton.

    There is no dynamic now pulling the nation together,

    We have no other choice. Those who say nothing create the impression that they secretly want to see the prophet be insulted.

    announce new procedures with respect to how charities work abroad.

    The slogans raised by these militants are outrageous and have nothing in common with Islam and its spirit of justice and tolerance,

    Simmons, author of Twilight in the Desert, ... We are in a deep hole and we have to stop digging.

    This is really hard to take in terms of 19 Marines dying on a training mission like this, ... It only points out how dangerous our training missions are, when we train with night vision capability equipment and that additional burden upon those who are flying the aircraft.

    Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah said her approach was frank, honest and brave. ... We feel she was fair and evenhanded in her discussions with the Palestinians and Israelis.

    It plays into their hands, ... If we tell people to leave, we are driving the price up of hostages and that encourages more attacks.

    Saudis should first allow women to drive, as is the case in Iraq,

    What they have said is that if the other OPEC countries can't increase output proportionately with Saudi Arabia, then the Saudis will take up the slack -- but they want to avoid the argument that it's a unilateral increase.

    The reported news of an armament deal valued at over 70 billion between the kingdom and Britain is not correct. This figure is much higher than what was agreed upon.

    partners in the plan to destroy Iraq and change its political and demographic identity.

    There seems to be no dynamic now that is pulling the country together. All the dynamics there are pushing the people away from each other,

    We want to find a common policy to bring to the table, whether it be humanitarian aid or reconstruction, and what political relations (with the future government in Iraq) will be,

    We shot dead one hijacker after we saw him stabbing to death a stewardess. Some passengers suffered from stab wounds.

    Stoking the fire of sectarian discord and civil strife will be a calamity for all,

    We are concerned that literature has been found in American mosques that has a message that is not tolerant, and we hope the people of Saudi Arabia will work with us as we try to deal with this issue,

    I respect very much, the wise and balanced Saudi policy which has always been calm and acceptable to all,

    highly-trained military officer who appears to know what he is doing.

    well equipped with thousands of kilograms of explosives, with money and fake documents.

    Western entertainment appeals to youth. Consumers are getting more sophisticated and getting demanding. We are trying to spot trends,

    We are dealing with people who have a tendency to blow themselves up and it we know they have a significant number of weapons and explosives,

    The kingdom fears that what is taking place in Iraq will lead to its partition and the consecration of sectarian divisions in a way threatening the country's Arab identity,

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