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    I was pursuing the inner path at the expense of the rest of my being and the rest of the world.

    That was my real education in the world - I learned politics, the social and cultural life of India, Hindu tradition and religion, and Buddhism.

    Kennedy had been assassinated a month or so before. So we walked to the grave of John Kennedy and ended our walking symbolically at the Arlington National Cemetery.

    This gives us more time to attend the inner need.

    We then came to the Soviet Union. One day we were walking and carrying our banner and distributing a few leaflets in Russian to people, and we met two women on the road.

    I grew with it, and I used to go to see the monks, who had no possessions, even more extreme than my mother.

    They have only handwritten manuscripts, because you can write very small and then you can carry the most basic manuscripts with you.

    Lead me from death to life, from falsehood to truth Lead me from despair to hope, from fear to trust Lead me from hate to love, from war to peace Let peace fill our heart, our world, our universe

    These are elderly people and the savings really means a lot to them. They are very happy and relieved that they can save money.

    If we remove ourselves from the world, we are pretending that we can follow our own individual enlightenment and let the rest of the world go to hell, so to speak.

    With slight risk of exaggeration you could say that he walked almost every mile of the Indian land.

    It became extremely important that we go and see the four heads of the governments, and the message was delivered, with the tea packets, to all these heads.

    If you can kill animals, the same attitude can kill human beings. The mentality is the same which exploits nature and which creates wars.

    Monks will have three begging bowls for their food: one for water, one for liquid food, one for dry food.

    I and a friend of mine called Mannon talked together, and we both decided to walk this journey.

    That was my childhood. I grew up with the monks, studying Sanskrit and meditating for hours in the morning and hours in the evening, and going once a day to beg for food.

    I was a restless child. I did not go to school. My mother used to go to the monks of the Jain religion, and I would go with her.

    My mother, for example, made a list of 50 items which she could eat in her life, and she would not eat anything outside that list.

    There's not much fresh capacity addition happening and demand has always grown 1.3 times the real gross domestic product. So prices should remain firm or go up.

    So, at the age of nine, I became a monk, and from then on I was there practicing that kind of nonviolence.

    One was a book I read by Mahatma Gandhi. In it was a passage where he said that religion, the pursuing of the inner journey, should not be separated from the pursuing of the outer and social journey, because we are not isolated beings.

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