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    Whether or not the U.S. will accept any changes to its current role in managing the Internet remains to be seen, ... Let's just say there's now a lot of momentum to do so.

    There are several paragraphs that call for changes in the way the Internet is governed today. And the U.S. has agreed to these. That's a fact.

    I don't know whether anybody could really convey the kind of devastation and kind of hurt and feeling and appreciativeness people have in this community, because they don't know where they're going and where they'll be tomorrow and the next day.

    I once asked Otto Preminger if it was possible for someone to be a character actor and a star. He said 'No.' I'd like to prove him wrong.

    A deserted homestead is always a sad sight, but here in the South we must look a little deeper than the surface, and then we see that every such overgrown plantation, and empty house, is a harbinger of freedom to the slaves, and every lover of his country, even if he have no feeling for the slaves themselves, should rejoice.

    It's the burning question of the day. The media needs to openly discuss the effects of the affair and also key things, like the importance of not compromising on editorial independence.

    We did not have much of a break. The teachers, faculty and I all worked to get our offices and classrooms set up before the students returned. I think the community will be proud of our new facility.

    We never imagined that we would have the opportunity or the need to gear up with this type of planning ... It's not an occurrence that I would expect to repeat during my career. I can say that with some degree of relief but mostly pride in the entire team having risen to this occasion.

    So the Proclamation of Emancipation, has come at last, or rather its forerunner. I suppose you are all very much excited about it. For my part, I can't see what practical good it can do now. Wherever our army has been there remain no slaves, and the Proclamation will not free them where we don't go.

    It was like the whole world turned upside down, ... I walked half way into the yard and I saw this man (Joseph Silva) standing over two people saying, 'You just couldn't let it go'. I noticed that the lady (Cook) wasn't moving.

    That's when he came out of their yard and into our fence, ... He closed our fence and knocked on the door. He was walking like he was on a Sunday stroll except he was covered in blood. At first, I thought he was wearing gloves, but his hands were covered in blood.

    We are having a delayed response to an improving market because construction and land costs are creating a situation where the new projects can't be underwritten. The rents aren't moving enough to support a lot of new development.

    Last week, we had very high expectations for these babies, and to this point, they have fulfilled all of those expectations remarkably well, ... Face the Nation.

    I want to remain in sport but I need some different challenges to those I have dealt with for much of my time in football.

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