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    It is impossible for me to conceive of a character more utterly detestable than that of the Hebrew god

    A God who gave his entire time for 40 years to the work of converting three millions of people, and succeeded in getting only two men, and not a single woman, decent enough to enter the promised land (Num

    I admit that books were voted in and out, and that the Bible was finally formed in accordance with a vote

    The inspired Bible has been and is the greatest curse of Christendom, and will so remain as long as it is held to be inspired

    Calvin was as near like the God of the Old Testament as his health permitted

    Give the church a place in the Constitution, let her touch once more the sword of power, and the priceless fruit of all ages will turn to ashes on the lips of men

    But if the witnesses are inspired of God then there is no reason for their disagreeing on anything, and if they do disagree it is a demonstration that they were not inspired

    The Declaration of Independence was a denial, and the first denial of a nation, of the infamous dogma that God confers the right upon one man to govern others

    The real oppressor, enslaver, and corrupter of the people is the Bible

    He (Thomas Paine) saw oppression on every hand injustice everywhere hypocrisy at the altar venality on the bench, tyranny on the throne and with a splendid courage he espoused the cause of the weak against the strong

    There is the same difference between talent and genius that there is between a stone mason and a sculptor

    There are some of his sayings which show him to have been a devout Jew, others that he wished to destroy Judaism, others showing that he held all people except the Jews in contempt and that the wished to save no others, others showing that he wished

    To argue with a man who has renounced his reason is like giving medicine to the dead

    There will never be a generation of great men until there has been a generation of free women

    The intellectual advancement of man depends on how often he can exchange an old superstition for a new truth

    There is something wrong in a government where they who do the most have the least. There is something wrong when honesty wears a rag, and rascality a robe when the loving, the tender, eat a crust, while the infamous sit at banquets.

    The history of intellectual progress is written in the lives of infidels

    If the account given in Genesis is really true, ought we not, after all, to thank this serpent He was the first schoolmaster, the first advocate of learning, the first enemy of ignorance, the first to whisper in human ears the sacred word liberty,

    God so loved the world that he made up his mind to damn a large majority of the human race

    Religion is one of the phases of thought through which the world is passing

    If we should put god in the Constitution there would be no room left for man

    It is impossible to conceive of a more thoroughly despicable, hateful, and arrogant being, than the Jewish god

    If all the bones of all the victims of the Catholic Church could be gathered together, a monument higher than all the pyramids would rise

    I would rather live with the woman I love in a world full of trouble, than to live in heaven with nobody but men

    Is it not wonderful that the creator of all worlds, infinite in power and wisdom, could not hold his own against the gods of wood and stone Is it not strange that after he had appeared to his chosen people, delivered them from slavery, fed them by

    There is not in all the pulpits ingenuity enough to harmonize these ignorant and stupid contradictions

    And we are called upon to worship such a God to get upon our knees and tell him that he is good, that he is merciful, that he is just, that he is love

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