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    This is the first giant step in making content available to more people in more places more often. It is the future as far as we're concerned.

    unforeseen -- a significant downturn in the (advertising) market.

    With this merger we have a unique opportunity to offer Disney shareholders ownership in a new radio leader that will be well positioned for long-term success.

    We see tremendous potential with Disney Fairies, ... We believed it will become one of the Walt Disney Company's most successful properties.

    In order for us to even consider a park there, we need to be sure we have access to television,

    I got a sense that it's the kind of music that transcends the generation that was initially exposed to it,

    As it relates to animation and the studio part of the company's overall plan to reduce staff ... the goal there is consistent with all of the company's divisions, and that is to reduce staff because of the general slowdown in competition,

    We fully expect this is a giant step in the direction of growing the company and all its Disney brands and businesses in this very populous region,

    Consumers are going to put demands on how, when, where and how much they consume in media and how much they spend as well, ... Those dynamics, we believe, create a voracious appetite for content.

    As the forerunner to Mickey Mouse and an important part of Walt Disney's creative legacy, the fun and mischievous Oswald is back where he belongs, at the home of his creator and among the stable of beloved characters created by Walt himself.

    We can't stand in the way and can't allow tradition to stand in the way of where the consumer can go or wants to go. Windows in general need to change. I don't think it's out of the question that DVDs could be released in the same window as the theatrical release. All the old rules should be called into question because the rules of consumption have changed so dramatically.

    We sold it in the upfront under relative conservative circumstances, actually expecting that there would be a decrease in ratings,

    We at least have an agreement to keep (ABC) on through mid-summer, and we would hope not to face the kind of situation we faced earlier this week,

    We really believe that Walt Disney is a very able company with great depth and a great set of franchises.

    We're not looking to abandon them, we're not looking to betray them, we're not looking to do anything that is designed to harm their business. At the same time, what we can't do is we can't let a fear of that relationship being challenged or creating tension with them get in the way of following consumers who are going to other places. We just can't do that.

    I am encouraged by the solid momentum in our earnings and the financial and creative strengths that underpin these results.

    We like the size of the company today given the environment and have no plans to split it up and make it smaller.

    We're delighted to be working with Apple to offer fans a new and innovative way to experience our wildly popular shows.

    As millions discover the wonders of Hong Kong and China - one of the most rapidly growing travel destinations in the world - the future is indeed bright.

    Beijing's media restrictions in general do thwart our efforts to grow television in that marketplace, ... over time, we'll gain access to the market.

    Are there challenges? Absolutely. But in aggregate, this is a very strong and valuable company.

    The bottom line is they were not in tune with what their customers wanted and what the world was demanding of them and I think it hurt them significantly. I don't want to wake up and see all the traffic moving onto new platforms.

    Over time, viewers will come back to 'Millionaire' in higher levels than they are watching today,

    To say that I'm aggressive might be an understatement here. I'm thoroughly pleased with what ABC did and we're going to do more of it as a company on other sites.

    None of the issues really rose to the level of what I call a major concern in our minds, because they were either exaggerated ---- and I won't be specific ---- or they were fixable,

    Today's announcement of our proposed combination of the ABC Radio business with Citadel Broadcasting underscores our commitment to maximizing the value of our assets for our shareholders, while focusing our capital and management resources toward our core businesses.

    This is the first giant step in terms of making content available to more people in more places, ... This is just the beginning of what we believe will be a long and prosperous relationship between Apple and Disney.

    The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation.

    For the first time ever, hit primetime shows can be purchased online the day after they air on TV.

    Digital piracy needs to be addressed. Without content protection, investment in content can't be supported. We need secure distribution. If you (telecommunications equipment and software makers) help us, we will make it easier for you to distribute our content.

    It's in our best interest to put some of the old rules aside and create new ones and follow the consumer - what the consumer wants and where the consumer wants to go.

    This is the first giant step to making more content available to more people online. It is the future as far as I'm concerned. It's a great marriage between content and technology and I'm thrilled about it.

    Sometimes I feel like I'm a contestant in a reality show that probably would be called The Apprentice Survivor Millionaire.

    It's vital for a company such as ours to be incredibly vigilant in terms of the consumer, ... Consumers today, using great technological tools, have many more choices in terms of how they spend their time, what they consume in terms of media and they do so in many different places on many different devices.

    We're seeing a great shift in how consumers spend money, and our business models need to be flexible. It used to be said that content was king, but the consumer is king.

    Consumers have a lot more authority these days and they know that by using technology they can gain access to content and they want to use the power that they have... We can't stand in the way and we can't allow tradition to stand in the way of where the consumer can go or wants to go.

    We are not predicting that the rating phenomenon will remain as high as it was, but nevertheless we did bring in substantial advertising revenue from it. We believe that the show is still and will continue to be strong.

    it's rare that there are content issues for our product.

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