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    I wasn't afforded the opportunity to return to school. I'm caught between a rock and a hard place. I want to finish school, but I don't trust these people. Are they really going to open again in March

    She just embodied the generation of civic duty. Her zeal and passion never stopped. This isn't like a phase she grew out of.

    Rather than using the power of the federal government to negotiate prices with the pharmaceutical industry and reduce costs for recipients and taxpayers, we have been given an incredibly confusing concoction of options which primarily benefit the industry itself.

    We heard that Bald Knob didn't get rattled by the press, but that's just our style. That's what we do. We didn't have any choice. We had to do what we do best. We tried to trap at half court and put as much pressure on the ball handler as we can and we've had some success in the second half of the season with it.

    This is not surprising since representatives of the drug industry helped to write the laws.

    I don't think there's any doubt that we see him as a top-four. He can't really do what he does and be successful in 10 or 11 minutes a game. But we have some veteran players already taking big minutes, so what we need is for him to gradually work his way

    I have no happy fairyland vision that she can win.

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