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    This is now the 57th quarter of profitability since 1991, a pretty strong story. They are doing what they can do keep their unit costs down as much as possible with careful growth.

    When it comes to owning company stock in your 401(k), by and large, it should be limited, ... Consider it to be high risk.

    Ruiz and his gang continued to commit crimes over and over again while out on bail. It is apparent to us the only way they're going to stop ripping people off is if they're locked up.

    Certified financial planners who reviewed Cummings' portfolio applauded her savings efforts. She is absolutely a rare breed of saver in this country, ... She needs more juice for her goals.

    Hopefully we won't lose sight of these lessons the next time there's a bull market.

    much more comes out on how common the practice was.

    All this fury about what is going on in the funds has created a bit of a mob mentality. People have no patience anymore and they will pull their money out. They may bite off their nose and think they're saving their face.

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