Richelle Mead Quotes on Life (8 Quotes)

    Knowing Lissa missed me hurt almost more than if she'd completely written me off. I'd never wanted to hurt her. Even when I'd resented her for feeling like she was controlling my life, I'd never hated her. I loved her like a sister and couldn't stand the thought of her suffering now on my behalf. How had things gotten so screwed up between us?

    This isn't a Christmas special! This is my life. In the real world, miracles and goodness just don't happen.

    Life, unfortunately, doesn?t seem to care what we want. Act now while you can actually stop it from being a disaster.

    She didn?t know if she could carry on by herself, but then, she realized that if this wasn?t a dream-and dear God, did it feel real-there was no magic ?stop? in real life. If she couldn?t deal with loneliness in a dream, she never would be able to while waking.

    Dierdre the counselor must not have had much of a life, because she scheduled our next appointment on a Sunday. I wasn't so thrilled about it, seeing as it wasn't just my day off-it was also the day my friends had off. Orders were orders, however, so I grudgingly showed up.

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