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    He has the ability to come out and help us. We had to sell him. He's an athlete, he's got size.

    The last six years I was there we were a very good football team and since then they have only had one losing season,

    The last play was not a great call, but we wanted him to get that opportunity to catch the ball. In another four to five days, that pass will be incomplete because Ravi will go up and knock it away. He has the ability to help this team. We'll just see how it all shakes out.

    The offense needs leadership. The quarterbacks have to take responsibility in that area.

    He's got to make some decisions about his life about how much he wants to put into football and getting an education.

    He understands all quarterbacks will throw to the other guy once in a while. It's kind of ironic that as soon as he broke the (Kentucky) record for most passes without an interception (153) that the next one was intercepted. But it was just a matter of time. I'm just hopeful he'll put together another 150 string without an interception.

    We can split him out four or five yards in certain situations and may do that more this week to take advantage of his skills. Our other tight ends are good, but Jacob is a notch above anyone else. As a receiver, he can stretch the field and get open.

    I thought he did a good job protecting the ball this week, ... And he made some really nice throws.

    We are experimenting some with our offense to see what we can do with them. I still want to see if Tony can do everything on the football field that he did in conditioning. I'm comfortable with either one of those guys having the ball in their hands because they both are real threats. It just makes sense to try and have both of them on the field at the same time.

    We're a team that has been decimated by the injury bug. I've had bad injury years, but this one is almost beyond comprehension.

    If we don't stop the game and look at it at that point in time on a pivotal play I don't understand it. And I know we have some wrinkles to work out with instant replay, but I'm just bothered that we didn't stop and review it.

    He can be a stand-up guy (play a non-line position) at 275 (pounds). He walked onto our practice field as a junior (in high school), and I thought he was an NFL guy.

    Fidler did some good things for a while, but he's got to get in the weight room this summer and strengthen his upper body. He's clearly behind the other two (quarterbacks).

    Actually, we have a plan. I know there are a lot of people in this room who don't believe that, but we have a plan. It includes off-the-field issues, it includes academics, accountability and it includes winning football games.

    We just have some good young skill guys and I think we're going to be able to continue to make some good plays,

    You look at the tight ends we had out here practicing. We had four guys who have never taken a snap, and I promise you we're going to be pretty good at tight end.

    We meet at least once a week with the CATS program and the coaching staff to communicate with the players to keep up with their school work.

    The continuity there is what turned Oregon into a consistent winner. It was nice to see that and reaffirm that we actually did know what we were doing, we did have a plan that worked and were given the time to implement that.

    Tim will get more comfortable, ... He's a great talent, but he's a freshman. He'll be a good punter, and he'll learn from it. He was nervous, and I can't say that I blame him. I was nervous, too.

    We're judged every game we play. A lot of people who do the judging don't care about injuries. They don't care about anything that impacts your ability to go out and perform. I feel very badly for our team and for our fans that we couldn't have kept the nucleus we had starting the year out intact, because I think it was an improved lot. But now we're struggling to show we are improved,

    There are some rumors out there that I'm going to resign at some point, ... Well, that ain't happening, OK I'm not going to walk out on the players that I recruited and this program that I'm trying to turn around.

    Roger made plays all fall camp and has earned the opportunity,

    Now I don't have to worry about which side of the ball is doing real well now because now it's going to be Louisville, ... So both sides of the ball have to do well.

    I know people don't like to talk about defense, but this was a defensive day weather-wise, as well as on the field for us.

    Those are the type of lengths that build resentment, hatred and passion.

    Make no mistake about it -- it's a very serious competition and a close one.

    There's no way we could have (practiced) on that a year ago, ... We'd have been sliding and standing in water.

    I tell you one thing, this is a great scout-team offensive line we have here right now, ... That's what you look for. Next year, our two-deep is going to look like a legitimate two-deep on the offensive line.

    I think Ravi has the ability to come out and help us. We'll see what happens.

    The momentum will really get going when we start winning games. I think we've turned the corner, but we've got to get to the straightaway and accelerate.

    He has the physical size to be a player next year. We certainly went through the whole (recruiting) process with him ... we were semi-confident, and we were excited to get the phone call late last night.

    He really did halfway decent for a guy with three days of practice. Based on our health at that position, I would expect Eric's snaps to go up this week.

    The first game we had a chance to win and we rebounded and fought back, but we didn't get any reward (in a loss to Louisville). Then we fought back in our last game (against Idaho State) and won. Now we have even more players sidelined. Now we'll really see how we deal with adversity, because this is a chance to prove we really are a different team this year.

    I can't deal in speculation, ... That's out of my control. All I can do is try to make sure we have a better football team. I think we will be improved. As to how that translates into wins, I don't know.

    Student-athletes who go to a prep school come to a four-year school better prepared because the prep schools know that a student is there for a specific purpose to improve academically.

    Running backs take a beating because the guys chasing them are bigger, stronger and faster than at any time in the history of the game. I'd love to have a guy you can hand the ball 25 times a game and he'd always get 100 yards, but that's not an easy thing these days.

    There have been rampant rumors that I will resign. That ain't happening. I am not going to walk out on the players or the program. We are trying to turn this thing around. Some people don't understand what you have to do to turn a program around.

    We need to see how adversity is dealt with as a team. I hope they have the resolve to roll up their sleeves and get it done.

    I've had other guys try to influence recruits, but never as demonstratively as Micah. He didn't want to be the only top recruit ... he wanted to get us some help down here.

    At Oregon, we were on the quarter system and didn't start school until September, so we'd play three games before school started. One year, I lost a game at Ohio State and went back to two-a-days the next week. You can't do that anymore. You used to be able to outwork somebody in preparing for a game, but now everybody's limited to the same amount of time.

    We'll miss Tony. He's one of our breakaway guys and I'm disappointed for him because he got a 3.5 (grade point average) during summer school and has done a great job getting back on track academically.

    I thought we had a pretty good team when we played Louisville, ... but injuries are something we have to deal with, and we're not dealing with it very well.

    It would be nice to see John step up, ... This is a great opportunity for him. If he's ever going to do it, this is a chance for him to rise to the occasion.

    They do a good job with the quarterback run game and with the option, ... Somebody once told me that you couldn't win in the SEC with the option, but doggone it, somebody's doing it and they're doing it pretty well.

    They were rockin' and rollin', especially late in the fourth quarter, ... They supported us even when it wasn't looking very good for us. I think our whole team understands the importance of what our troops are doing for us right now. It was nice to have them here in the stadium.

    It's probably pretty well-timed. From a physical standpoint, it's a good opportunity to get people freshened up.

    This is the best competition we've had since I've been here. We just need a guy who will make plays in crunch time.

    I don't know if Andre Woodson was down or not from my perception, it looked like he was, ... I just don't understand why we have instant replay if we don't look at a pivotal play in the game like that. All we have to do is look at it.

    You have to be excited about a guy like Micah Johnson. Not only his physical abilities, but his leadership and his dedication in the recruiting process to help us by staying in touch and contacting other recruits. Two guys he spoke to long before he committed to us and he kind of wanted to see if they would join him at Kentucky were Josh Minton and Corey Peters, and darned if they're not all here.

    The culmination is to get them on the field. Like I know how hard Will Fidler has worked all winter. I was just excited to see him because I had never really been on the field to see him when he threw the football. I've seen him on film. I've seen game tapes, and all that stuff. To see him out here, that part is really exciting.

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