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    Mr. Cook generally carries a knife and he was that day.

    This has been a real concern to us and the sportsmen in the region. But with what we learn from this study, we will be able to target key areas that mule deer use with habitat improvement programs, and hopefully, be able to determine what other factors might be depressing mule deer numbers in this area.

    Jamie's serve is stronger and he is volleying much better. He is a little more steady and a little more in control of himself this year.

    The industry has finally turned around. There have been 32 consecutive months of demand growth.

    That was a nice accomplishment for Atwood. She only needed four going into the game. She's started all but one game of her career, and she's had a good career.

    That's the kind of attitude we have here at Cumberland. Everyone sacrifices for the good of the school. We have a lot of people to thank.

    We haven't been able to stop anyone. We did against Port Charlotte, but haven't done it since. Hopefully, that is going to improve. We've played mostly zone, which I am not a big proponent of doing. But we haven't played that well in or our man-to-man.

    I thought she was dead. I didn't think she'd survive that.

    He's always been pretty reserved and in control. He's still the same respectful kid.

    We played pretty good. New London is not a bad team, and it shocks me that we beat them like that. They'd had some good wins this year, but we gave a really good performance.

    We are not doing well (in non-conference matches). To be honest, we just aren't good this year.

    We are pretty excited about the Black Pine study. We have seen a steady decrease in deer numbers in the area. While mule deer numbers to the west and east have increased over the past few years, the Black Pine mule deer herd has remained stable or declined.

    The program helps me financially, and it's good for the environment plus, I have clean water and my cows are kept out of the creek.

    At this point (the conclusion of the project), we'll create a larger presence in the community. They will identify the park as a place for recreation.

    It's going to be a tough day (today), no question. Two of the singles (players) have beaten the guys they're playing before, so we're sitting pretty good there. In the doubles, either one of those could go either way. What happened before doesn't count.

    I took it from the AC Acts. I like change and taking people out of the comfort zone. It makes them better. If two boats are fun, six boats are a show. I have always thought it was a waste of great talent to have 6 of the 10 sitting around with nothing to do on the last day. Now they will have fun, fight for money and provide a greater spectacle.

    We built the Model T it was black and a lot of people bought it. But we found out not everybody wanted it.

    It was a bad day to play. The wind was blowing. They hit the ball pretty well. Our pitchers had trouble throwing strikes. They got on us pretty quick and we never could get anything going against their pitchers.

    This may be a positive thing. These animals may have moved themselves to new winter range to avoid conflicts with the wolves.

    This sponsorship reflects our company's history of supporting community programs and initiatives, as well as our commitment and connection to the Hispanic community.

    (Cook) couldn't have made all of it up. Because he was in the park that day.

    The incidents do happen. There's probably more of those involved with teenagers than there are for older adults using the golf course. I think we do need to have a discussion if there's anything we do want to do as far as limitations at the golf course.

    It's going the way we pretty much thought it might go. We're very pleased with the way it's gone so far.

    I think it's a great opportunity to be able to talk to him, but more important than that, I think it tells me that he's listening and that's really important to me.

    I really thought we had created some reasonable doubt. ... I thought at the very least that the state had not come close to even proving premeditation.

    Over the past three years we have seen herd growth in these units. Because of this reason, we are able to offer more opportunity to hunters.

    We seen lights that looked close. My wife was in the faster lane because she just passed some cars behind us and got over into the slower lane and within a matter of a minute, this car came flying by us. I mean, I couldn't tell how fast it was going because we were traveling 70.

    They'll be some really good matches (today).

    Their height and they way they shot ... they're just a good team. Their press hurt us and I didn't think it would, and we panicked a bit. Those things happen. That wasn't our best game, but I don't know if our best would have beaten that team.

    This assault on Craig wasn't a stick-and-go. It was a frenzy ... it was brutal and it took some time.

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