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    Bob Johnson had the vision to create a network for us when nobody else was.

    We had a blast. I can't even remember having this much fun making a movie. It was challenging, of course, but it was wonderful.

    I think it's a lame excuse for a lot of these rappers to say they only call girls bitches or hos because they act like that. It doesn't make them right.

    Don't you want to know what's real and what's not? I remember when I was a kid, you know, this whole Cold War thing. They had us scared of the Russians. So, it's almost like, what's real and what's not?

    I was taught from a young age that many people would treat me as a second-class citizen because I was African-American and because I was female.

    This is the best tour, man, and it's all women ... I wanted to do this because I was excited about playing to a different audience than I might normally play to at a hip-hop show. The vibes are right.

    I love the message of the movie, which is that family is love. It doesn't matter if you don't look like each other. The love is what matters.

    It just means I don't have to go far to get home from the premiere. My whole family is here, so it's wonderful. I can celebrate with Jersey for a change.

    I made decisions that I regret, and I took them as learning experiences... I'm human, not perfect, like anybody else.

    I think the reason I am here is to inspire African-American women who are rappers, full-figured women to know that they can do it too.

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