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    Some of these commodity stocks continue to surprise us today.

    I'm impressed. I thought we would have had more of a subtle day, but the financials are up strong, so that is helping us out here.

    It's another energy-led rally, but there was a lack of participants in the marketplace today.

    It's comparable to a monster shotgun blast. It's accompanied by considerable tissue death,

    We have the commodity prices up, so there will be strength in those sectors this morning, ... As long as gold and oil are up, we will have a little bit of strength at the opening.

    I guess everybody is just catching their breath, trying to catch up and nothing seems to want to lead us here today. I'm not sure what the next impetus will be to take the market higher, but today we are just going to tread water.

    The financials have had a good run the past couple of days. The tax ruling (on income trusts) has got people thinking that there is some value in financials.

    Nothing has changed to give us any confidence to take this market out of its recent pattern. Any time it looks like we have buying come into the market we get another wave.

    It looks like the gold and oil prices are down, so we will probably give a little back.

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