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    We just couldn't get into a rhythm. Everything was so new for us. I guess you just gotta understand what the offense was trying to do and how the offense is set up. I just didn't feel real comfortable, especially after the first interception.

    People said in high school that I was a good passer in basketball because of football,

    I'm excited about the opportunity. I'm excited about the season.

    This is what I wish it would've been a couple years back, ... I'm starting to feel like more of a football player now.

    At times it was cool, but when I look back on it, it was a long three years for me, ... It was just school for me. I wasn't really happy.

    Gregory said playing at home with all the changes and possibly more fan support leads to a better setup for the Orange. The opener also serves as the beginning of conference play, so it's doubly important. Starting quarterback Perry Patterson agreed with

    I feel a lot better as far as feeling more calm and more experienced and seeing things. It's only been like 10 starts in between. I'm definitely trying to be a better quarterback than I was in that game last year. I'll try to be more efficient and controlling of the offense.

    Coach had a talk with me. He just wanted me to keep my head up. That was the first true test of the offense. There's a lot of things we have to work on, but we saw some good things on the film. He wants the same intensity. He don't care how good you played or how bad you played.

    It might not be a bomb all the time, but it's all about the will. When I put the ball in the air it's about who wants it more. Sometimes last year it didn't seem like they wanted it more.

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