P.C. Cast’s “Burned” Quotes (20 Quotes)

    And, as Stevie Rae would have said, Kalona was as wrong as manboobs.

    Its more than a simple belief that there is good and that it should fight the evil in the world. It's a personification of Light and Darkness at their most elemental level, as forces that are so absorbed with themselves that one cannot exist without the other though they constantly try to consume one another. One of the earliest repersentations of Light and Darkness was of Light being a massive black bull and Darkness being an enormous white bull.

    No, Kramisha, he's not black. He's a killer bird with evil for his Daddy.

    Change can be weird or even queer. But change has to happen for things to grow--for us to grow. And change isn't so bad when you're not in it alone.

    No. Seriously. Speak American and not this ancient and very fucked-up, confusing olden-day Euro crap. Without the confusing woo-woo refrences, explain why the hell you're writing Zoey off.

    I always thought you had you a bad case of head-up-your-ass-itis. -Kramisha

    Oh, please, if its ass is feathered and waterproof, its a duck. Hello, pictures with little word balloons makes it a comic book. They're dorky comic books for nerdy antisocial, nonbathing people. End of discussion.

    I believe there is little you cannot do once you set your mind to it.

    Stevie Rae looked from vampyre to vampyre. ôYÆall need to get your shit together. HereÆs a newsflash from the only High Priestess you have left at this dang school: Zoey isnÆt dead. And believe me, I know dead. IÆve been there, done that, and got the frickinÆ T-shirt.ö Stevie Rae turned her back on the room and, with her fledglings, got the heck outta there.

    I know dead.I've been there, done that. I've gotten the fricken tee-shirt. ~Stevie Rae~

    I'll find you again. Even if it takes a hundred of those years.

    I'm her protection! I don't care if it's in this world or the next. Just show me how to get where she is, and I'll be there for her. ~Stark

    I'm not stupid, stupid. Leave this whole thing in my extremely capable and well-manicured hands. I'll call you later with an update. Bye!

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