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    We came up short and didn't produce anything like what we're capable of,

    But Cisco has not grown through acquisitions. They've grown despite their acquisitions. The primary growth, as we saw in the quarter, was clearly from routers, which is Cisco's historical product.

    The most socially subversive institution of our time is the one-parent family

    I would like to see Brian become consistent and show that he's matured enough to make good decisions. He doesn't have to go out and win games, he just can't lose them.

    As stressful as the holidays are, they can be even more so for those who have recently experienced the death of a loved one. Many people fail to realize they don't have to do things exactly as they have in the past. They can make changes to make the holiday season easier. Failing to consider changes often adds to the stress level and makes dealing with the situation even harder.

    Absolutely. You can't be 33-0 without good coaching, good kids. I thought fundamentally they did some things very well, and they got all the loose balls we didn't get. ... Today, the better team won, I have no problem with that.

    It hope it settles down and we get some good training in.

    In my mind, Adam hasn't proven anything. He still has a lot to prove to me.

    I still have questions about the subject matter but it's more about the manner in which it was done. It was voted on after midnight without anyone (from the public) there, and it was the first time some of the board members saw it.

    Lamar is a guy who really wants to be out there and what's happening to him is clearly not something he can control, ... Trust me, we wish we knew what was wrong so we could fix it. But right now, I'm concerned because he can't finish a game.

    You can't make anything out of that. The conditions were tough and we've got a lot of guys hurt. Both teams made enough mistakes to lose 10 times. Everybody's got a lot of work to do.

    Essentially, what they argued is that Cisco has grown through acquisitions, and people are valuing it at a very high price because of its growth.

    Leo brings a very broad and deep level of experience to Kelley Blue Book that stretches across the automotive industry -- from optimizing dealership operations to maximizing the opportunities of the Internet and e-commerce. He's coming on board to lead an aggressive growth strategy across multiple business units.

    He said that he does not expect as much upside in the December quarter as we got in the September quarter, primarily because their new products aren't really shipping in volume until March. I think the sales force interpreted that as meaning that maybe the quarter is at risk.

    There's a bright future for online brokers -- banking will be a key factor because it'll give clients greater control of their assets.

    I think there's a couple of reasons One, I don't think they understand it. I think they see it and hear 'option' and think that's 3 yards and a cloud of dust, which couldn't be further from the truth.

    Right now, Lamar is the guy we're going with at quarterback, ... We just have to find out what's wrong and why he's cramping up and fix it.

    I think they had some fun and played, but I don't know what you make of that. The conditions were tough and we've got some guys hurt. ... Both teams made enough mistakes to lose 10 times.

    You would have a hard time not listening to those people, ... I'm not saying it would necessarily influence the way a person voted. But it is human nature if a vast majority of your campaign has been paid for by a relatively few number of people who contributed to it, you listen to them.

    It does not always pay to have a golden tongue unless one has the ability to hold it.

    there is no evidence that he ever identified any subversive not already known to the authorities and the only consequence of his activities was to cause trouble and distress for a lot of innocent people and discredit the activities of those genuinely concerned to make America safe.

    We'll see in a few weeks how much separation there is. I'd like to have a good idea who the No. 1 and No. 2 are coming out of spring.

    Right now, I haven't passed those prices along to my customers. If they stay up, I will have to eventually. It's probably going to be a difficult time for the next few months.

    The urge to distribute wealth equally, and still more the belief that it can be brought about by political action, is the most dangerous of all popular emotions. It is the legitimation of envy, of all the deadly sins the one which a stable society based on consensus should fear the most. The monster state is a source of many evils but it is, above all, an engine of envy.

    I think they understand how important the game against Duke is if they want to achieve their goals, ... Duke is a very good football team, it's not like they offered any of our guys scholarships.

    It would be good. Because, eventually no doubt, it will be developed.

    She had a very magnetic personality. People were drawn to her warmth and good humor, but she was very centered on others, ... If you asked her about herself, you'd just get silence, but she was always ready to say great things about her teammates.

    We know this city is going to be what we make it.

    It really impacts the whole team. The girls are still playing through the pain, but any time you have an injury, it affects your game.

    I understand why the decision was made, but it was unfortunate that it came at a time when we were anxious to play,

    Too much growth can lead to serious growing pains, ... Companies can quickly outgrow their technologies in a very short period of time.

    There's a reason they've won 39 games in a row. We don't recruit out of the same pool. We haven't had a Heisman winner here in a long time.

    I thought they had some fun tonight. The conditions were tough and we had a lot of guys hurt so you can't make too much out of what happened. We were doing a lot of mixing and matching tonight.

    This year, from top to bottom we're really solid. We've just got to play up to our ability and we'll be okay.

    We have to have a plan to try and counter that. We know that if we don't come and play really hard and with a lot of intensity that we'll get embarrassed. And we don't like to get embarrassed.

    I thought Troy Goss did some good things today. Hampton was a little rusty today, but got better towards the end of practice.

    The word 'meaningful' when used today is nearly always meaningless.

    I think it's really more a tribute to what the Naval Academy's all about. We're fortunate here in San Diego that we have some military bases and a lot of people are stationed in the area, and hopefully they're proud of what's going on at the academy.

    It gives me the ability to be totally independent,

    I personally believe if we put it out to bid this year, our rates would go up substantially, ... I think people are grasping for issues. We want to do what's best for Southeast, not what's politically expedient.

    Making points for your team to win the overall title is the best part.

    We got permission from the two churches because this their land. Then we went to the historical society and the city council to get permission.

    Brian has shown some ability. He needs to work on making good decisions. We'll see how he reacts to in-your-face.

    He puzzled those who knew him and worked with him, and who often disagreed violently about his merits and abilities. He puzzles us. No man's mind is so hard to enter and dwell within.

    On paper, we don't have a chance. Everybody we play is usually a little bigger and a little faster than we are. We just have to try to do what we can do and play to the best of our ability. That's all we can do. We're going to show up.

    It feels good. There's a rush in getting to go down and fight fire in different country you've never seen before, or in a different area.

    She was a one-in-a-million person, ... You don't run into someone like her often, and the team is going to have a very hard time replacing her.

    We'll have to see. Two weeks into the spring, we'll have an idea of the separation.

    This is the first Emmy to be staged outside the USA and confirms our efforts to stay ahead of the curve as digital technology re-shapes our industry.

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