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    Essentially, what they argued is that Cisco has grown through acquisitions, and people are valuing it at a very high price because of its growth.

    You would have a hard time not listening to those people, ... I'm not saying it would necessarily influence the way a person voted. But it is human nature if a vast majority of your campaign has been paid for by a relatively few number of people who contributed to it, you listen to them.

    She had a very magnetic personality. People were drawn to her warmth and good humor, but she was very centered on others, ... If you asked her about herself, you'd just get silence, but she was always ready to say great things about her teammates.

    I think it's really more a tribute to what the Naval Academy's all about. We're fortunate here in San Diego that we have some military bases and a lot of people are stationed in the area, and hopefully they're proud of what's going on at the academy.

    I personally believe if we put it out to bid this year, our rates would go up substantially, ... I think people are grasping for issues. We want to do what's best for Southeast, not what's politically expedient.

    What Washington could not understand was why none of those who held power on the British side made any attempt to learn about the American people, their history and views. None of them grasped that the Colonies had had representative governments since their inception.

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