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    Obviously, I have great feelings for Stetson University as my alma mater. It is a university that means an awful lot to me for so many different reasons.

    I thought he pitched very well - he located his pitches and he pitched aggressively. I like his makeup.

    I thought we competed well and pitched well. We just continue to make strides.

    In pitching, location is a key ingredient. So many young pitchers have velocity. But location and movement factor into that, too. You'd rather be optimum in location and movement than velocity. Bryan's really learned to embrace that, which has helped him to be a much better pitcher and in control of his delivery.

    I really like Arkansas' club. They're so well-prepared, they play hard, play with great intensity, pitch and defend well - I just enjoy that series.

    One of the hardest things for a pitcher coming out of high school to this level is to learn to back off of the velocity. He has learned. That's a sign of maturity.

    To be a good ball club you've got to pitch well, defend the field and when outs are given to you, you've got to take those. Those are areas we continue to improve in.

    I think that losses are very difficult to handle. Everyone would say they want to win, but it is how they handle it when they don't win that matters. Our guys play with class, work hard and give an all-out effort. We have to continue to battle through this stretch and we will. I am really proud of Bryan's performance. He competed his heart out and we defended the field better behind him.

    The production at the top of our order was a big part of the success today. So many different guys contribute on a ball club, but obviously you want to look at the production of guys who are capable, with experience, of doing that.

    He feels better today. But I hurt for Darren. He's an integral part of our ball club.

    Avery has worked extremely hard. We're just trying to create some offense. He has won an opportunity to play. He's a baseball player. He's the kind of guy I like to be around.

    I thought we swung the bat well tonight. We hit the ball right at people and hooked a couple, which means we need to keep it fair.

    The players deserve an awful lot of credit for their approach. They work hard to pull each other through.

    Sometimes unknown questions are harder than known ones.

    Now we have an opportunity to get better for tomorrow. That's our continued focus.

    It's another disappointing loss for us in every way. I'm not used to this and don't accept it at all.

    I'm very proud of his development. Last year he was a dominating pitcher for us. He gave so much of his heart. I think he's ready for this (new) role on our pitching staff.

    They swung the bats as good as I've seen in a long time.

    I think our guys are excited about the opportunity of being honored in front of our tremendous student body.

    Darren battled his heart out for us. To come up one short on the road like this is a real, real tough loss for our ball club in every way.

    With the way we've been swinging the bats, we've got to keep games close and we didn't do that. But to our guys' credit, they kept playing tough the whole game.

    This was a difficult loss for a lot of reasons. And they were all hard.

    He handled it the way we hoped he would. We told him that he could pitch here and that we believed in him. Use it as motivation.

    He pitched through adversity today. He pitched through some runs and pitched through some errors.

    This was a good start for our ball club.

    This one hurts significantly. I wish there was one thing we need to improve on. I've got a priority list and it is pretty long.

    I've got an idea, but I want to see who we match up against, and I will go from there.

    That's part of the challenge for us to become a better ball club.

    Craig Gentry is a great center fielder and today was a game of little things.

    Our schedule, by design, is one of the toughest in the country for that reason. That's how you get better.

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