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    I thought, 'Well, I just love it because I'm pregnant and I see all these little babies and they're cute and I'm just gushing with emotion.' And then I actually had my baby and still liked it, so that was a good sign.

    Those four games were just awful, ... I remember going to practice every day, thinking, 'What is it' I was always on the losing team in training, I wasn't playing well, and the guys I were playing with weren't playing well. It bummed me out. It really did. We weren't clicking and when things go bad everybody tries to be a hero and step up and score and do everything instead of just doing their job.

    To re-create strength, rest. To re-create mind, repose. To re-create cheerfulness, hope in God, or change the object of attention to one more elevated and worthy of thought.

    We bear the responsibility for having a process that we thought was manageable that in the last days, I think, broke down and let some of these (late pardon requests) go through. There are very few that came up -- and I would put Rich as probably the number one example, in which the process broke down. I don't think the president got good and full advice on it.

    As a kid, the first thing you got was your military men. You set yourself up in the sandbox and go to war. Then you grow up watching John Wayne movies and then 'Top Gun' and 'A Soldier's Story.' You get into them because they star your favorite actors. It's the absolute thrill of how war's depicted. The thought of violence is intriguing to kids. War is fascinating to young men, and attractive.

    When you come to the end of a perfect day, And you sit alone with your thoughts, While the chimes ring out with a carol gay For the joy that the day has brought, Do you think what the end of a perfect day Can mean to a tired heart, When the sun goes down with a flaming ray, And the dear friends have to part Well, this is the end of a perfect day, Near the end of a journey, too But it leaves a thought that is big and strong, With a wish that is kind and true. For memory has painted this perfect day With colours that never fade, And we find, at the end of a perfect day, The soul of a friend we've made.

    The doctrine of the Kingdom of Heaven, which was the main teaching of Jesus, is certainly one of the most revolutionary doctrines that ever stirred and changed human thought.

    I got to admit I thought, 'Oh, how'd you do that Here we go again,' ... But he hung in there and he fought back and he kept making plays, and that's what the game of football is all about.

    Youre breaking compulsive thinking. No one ever told us we dont have to think. You can control thinking when you want to think. Youre the one with the stick, you can stir the lake whenever you want.

    A primary function of art and thought is to liberate the individual from the tyranny of his culture in the environmental sense and to permit him to stand beyond it in an autonomy of perception and judgment.

    While we are being fascinated by the tales of famous serial killers and how they were brought to justice, the real serial killer goes about his business with hardly a thought to being caught.

    There are things that I thought would be a difference between us and all of a sudden I see my opponent has jumped over to the same place I am. This campaign is about ideas and vision and the experience to carry that out.

    I mean, I really don't want the federal government to be determining whether or not a person who feels certain ways about the environment or about animals or about certain religious issues should be considered an extremist. That to me is a type of thought control, mind control, which is very dangerous.

    Mind is the Masterpower that molds and makes, and Man is Mind, and ever more he takes the Tool of Thought, and shaping what he wills, brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand illsHe thinks in secret and it comes to pass Environment is but his looking-glass.

    There was a huge sign of relief when the number came in above 100, and that's why the market rallied, ... There was a thought that the combination of rising interest rates and higher gas prices would knock it below 100.

    I have told Derek we will see him on Monday because I want him to make sure he gives it plenty of thought, to make sure we are not pushing him in any direction. I want him to have a clear head and make a decision. My advice to Derek would be to go and listen to them and to see what they've got to offer, see what is on the table. My advice is to give it some thought and we'll see you on Monday.

    Life does not consist mainly, or even largely, of facts and happenings. It consists mainly of the storm of thought that is forever flowing through one's head.

    He said he had a show he wanted to put on the air about the survivors of a plane crash and would I please help him do it, ... I thought, 'How is that a show' And then I thought if I were to do this it would be far too weird and borderline sci-fi and he'd never want to do it. But his response was no, I love that idea.

    I don't know what he's thinking. And when he tells me he thinks he's 'doing an excellent job and calling an excellent game,' I guess there's a difference in opinion and that's where the issue lies. It's up to the powers that be, the league, to determine who's right or wrong. No gray area there.

    He has some talent there running the ball. I don't want him to make a habit of it, but with a first-year quarterback, the thought process speeds up and typically the first instinct is to run.

    The confusing thing, I thought, was that most of America already knew that we were overly reliant on oil, especially on foreign oil. But it was news that this administration had begun to at least acknowledge that problem.

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