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    Driven from every other corner of the earth, freedom of thought and the right of private judgment in matters of conscience direct their course to this in happy country as their last asylum.

    It's a great accomplishment, and I'm definitely proud of it. By no means, coming into the season, did I think about getting 100 points. But as it became near, it was something I thought would be a nice feat, and I tried to have the best finish to the season and have no regrets.

    We figure to ourselves The thing we like and then we build it up, As chance will have it, on the rock or sand, For thought is tired of wandering o'er the world, And homebound Fancy runs her bark ashore.

    I have never relied on my sexuality and I don't really have an image at all. If you look at film footage of me 20 years ago, I don't look much different to the way I do now. I used to say that I would never wear anything on stage that I couldn't wear out to dinner with my grandmother. It just felt more respectable. I always assumed that being a musician was a vocation and that it was something I would do throughout my life and I wanted to do it with dignity. This current pop culture is full of perversity. I've been called the Emily Dickinson of pop and the thinking man's Madonna. You sort that one out.

    The Myth of the Angry White Male What has sprung up is a strange kind of thinking.... Americans are unhappy with their lot. They are feeling insecure layoffs and corporate downsizing have made their future uncertain. Stirred up by talk radio, the theory goes, large numbers of formerly sensible people have embraced 'hate' and 'extremism.' Most of these, according to the media, are white guys. A Washington Post ABC pre-election poll asked voters if they were angry 'about the way the federal government works.' Four out of five white males said no. 62 percent of white men voted for Republican House candidates (38 percent for Democrats in 1994, a ten-point increase from the 1990 midterm elections). But was this special to their gender In 1994 white women voted for Republican House candidates by a 55 to 45 percent majority. Significantly, there isn't single article decrying 'angry white females.'

    We all use cell phones and when there are gaps in coverage and you don't have service, that could be a life threatening issue or the loss of a business transaction. There are more rocks in the soil than I thought could exist, so it won't hurt the environment, and it's not near any schools, so I don't see any negative impacts.

    Some of our players did well, some didn't. We conceded two goals before we'd even caught our breath. In the end I was stood there thinking, 'My God, I wish we'd got Rooney.' He's not even near his full potential right now but in three or four years there's every chance he could be the world's No1 player.

    Whatever failures I have known, whatever errors I have committed, whatever follies I have witnessed in private and public life have been the consequence of action without thought.

    We have nine ships and in the next two years will have ten, eleven and twelve. So things are going very nicely and all because of that program that people thought was mindless and so forth.

    I'd made this naive little documentary about the real Burt Munro, very early in my film-making career, and this character always stuck with me. I thought, 'God, what a great subject for a feature film' And it's a project that I've been keeping on the back burner ever since.

    (Our) thinking was since they (Colts) had all of their time outs, taking knees would give the ball back to them. Besides, how often does Jerome fumble the ball Almost never. It was just a crazy thing.

    I left for New York expecting to repeat my success, only to be turned down by almost every publisher in that city, till the Viking Press, my American publishers of a lifetime, thought of taking me on.

    When the shooting at the JCC happened I thought, 'If I had done something after Columbine, maybe this wouldn't have happened.' And I kicked myself in the behind for not doing anything,

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