Superstitions Quotes (114 Quotes)

    There are people who think that honesty is always the best policy. This is a superstition there are times when the appearance of it is worth six of it.

    If (the) empire of superstition and hypocrisy should be overthrown, happy indeed will it be for the world but if all religion and morality should be overthrown with it, what advantages will be gained The doctrine of human equality is founded entire

    Therefore let men withdraw themselves from errors; and laying aside corrupt superstitions, let them acknowledge their Father and Lord, whose excellence cannot be estimated, nor His greatness perceived, nor His beginning comprehended.

    There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition.

    Whatever you do, trample down abuses, and love those who love you. Different translation Whatever you do, crush the infamous thing superstition, and love those who love you.

    Most players today would deny being superstitious. It's kind of pejorative. But if you ask them what they do to give themselves confidence, they'll tell about their rituals and beliefs, how they like to get to the ballpark at 303. All that is superstition. If they realized it really is functional, they wouldn't be so reluctant to admit it.

    Criticism alone can sever the root of materialism, fatalism, atheism, free-thinking, fanaticism, and superstition, which can be injurious universally as well as of idealism and skepticism, which are dangerous chiefly to the Schools, and hardly allow of being handed on to the public.

    Man's mind is like a store of idolatry and superstition; so much so that if a man believes his own mind it is certain that he will forsake God and forge some idol in his own brain.

    It is not enough for us to prostrate ourselves under the tree which is Creation, and to contemplate its tremendous branches filled with stars. We have a duty to perform, to work upon the human soul, to defend the mystery against the miracle, to worship the incomprehensible while rejecting the absurd to accept, in the inexplicable, only what is necessary to dispel the superstitions that surround religion --to rid God of His Maggots.

    LORE, n. Learning --particularly that sort which is not derived from a regular course of instruction but comes of the reading of occult books, or by nature. This latter is commonly designated as folk-lore and embraces popularly myths and superstitions. In Baring-Gould's Curious Myths of the Middle Ages the reader will find many of these traced backward, through various people son converging lines, toward a common origin in remote antiquity. Among these are the fables of Teddy the Giant Killer, The Sleeping John Sharp Williams, Little Red Riding Hood and the Sugar Trust, Beauty and the Brisbane, The Seven Aldermen of Ephesus, Rip Van Fairbanks, and so forth. The fable with Goethe so affectingly relates under the title of The Erl- King was known two thousand years ago in Greece as The Demos and the Infant Industry. One of the most general and ancient of these myths is that Arabian tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Rockefellers.

    I do have the same routine in the on-deck circle I do the same stretches. But I don't listen to or wear the same thing. Actually, yeah I do. Against Western I wore my Snoopy boxers and I finally got two hits. I hadn't done that in a week or so. So I had to wear them against Belmont and I went 4-for-4, so I guess that's my my superstition, now. So I might be wearing my Snoopy boxers for a while.

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