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  • Even if the last move did not succeed, the inner command says move again.
    (Seamus Heaney)
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  • I'll have to be at my best to keep up with these young guys. A win would be great. It would allow me to do what I want to do over the next couple of years. Fred Funk gave us all hope after winning this tournament last year.
    (Loren Roberts)
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  • Certainly after the last four games against Ottawa there is misery but the majority of the year there was winning. Any time you're playing baseball, golf or hockey and you're winning, there is a lot of sense of satisfaction and enjoyment.
    (Dick Todd)
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  • I think the idea as a coach is you put out a lineup that can win that night. The present is more important than the future. You try to put the guys out there who will get us one more victory.
    (Pat Quinn)
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  • I knew this guy was going to be one heck of a player. It was a team decision, moving over to third base. It's paying off because we're winning.
    (Michael Bertram)
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  • It is far too early to declare victory. We have a lot of systems and a lot of countries to go through yet before we'll see what the actual impact has been of the transition.
    (John Koskinen)
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  • This is the bizarre thing. This exact period I'm writing about is also a period of the most extraordinary scientific and technological achievement, from the mapping of the human genome to the creation of the internet. It seems paradoxical that there should be this proliferation of mumbo jumbo at a time of such immense change and upheaval, but that may be a partial explanation for it.
    (Francis Wheen)
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  • It's not easy to accomplish, but he certainly has the means to do so. I have a plan I'd like to discuss.
    (Jared Stern)
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  • To watch someone that is basically 5-foot-7 go out and have that kind of year at the 5A level is quite an accomplishment in my opinion.
    (Cody Vanderford)
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  • The first thing I remember about the world...is that I was a stranger in it. This feeling, which is at once the glory and desolation of homo sapiens, provides the only thread of consistency that I can detect in my life.
    (Malcolm Muggeridge)
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