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    They know a million tricks, those novelists. Take Doctor Goebbels; that's how he started out, writing fiction. Appeals to the base lusts that hide in everyone no matter how respectable on the surface. Yes, the novelist knows humanity, how worthless they are, ruled by their testicles, swayed by cowardice, selling out every cause because of their greed - all he's got to do is thump on the drum, and there's his response. And he's laughing, of course, behind his hand at the effect he gets.

    When we started getting the video airplay is when we saw the album sales start to climb towards the 100,000 mark. Before that, selling 10,000 in bluegrass was considered to be a huge success.

    The weaker tone continues today, as in addition to bearish US inventory data, a slight warming trend is contributing to more brazen selling.

    You really can't put a railroad in play in an traditional sense. But he could be trying to prompt other changes. There are two attractive pieces of Sea-Land left. This could accelerate their interest in selling that.

    You're seeing a little relief buying after the pressure of the last three days. There was a lot of selling on the speculation about Rita, but now that it's getting closer to where it's expected to hit land, there's a backing off.

    Only conservatives believe that subversion is still being carried on in the arts and that society is being shaken by it. Advanced art today is no longer a cause --it contains no moral imperative. There is no virtue in clinging to principles and standards, no vice in selling or in selling out.

    Based on these announcements, we do not believe that Vail is on the selling block. However, we are confident that Mr. Katz, with his deep knowledge of Vail and extensive private equity real estate background, will actively work to maximize shareholder value through balance sheet management, cost cutting (cheaper Denver office space for one), and through the continued monetization of the company's valuable real estate assets.

    Any disappointment with the Philadelphia Fed Survey could lead to renewed dollar selling. A weak number would confirm the earlier survey and suggest a downside bias in the next ISM manufacturing report.

    I hope that we've raised the consciousness of consumers and companies alike about the importance of selling safe bicycles to children. We hope that there might be some internal changes in the way Wal-Mart treats its customers when they report serious accidents on their products.

    I think that's a great deal. This is a stock that was a stellar performer last year, has lagged a little bit this year. But, selling off that division just increased their focus on the more growth oriented businesses, and I think Bank of New York, even after the 2 or 3 point move yesterday, still is an extraordinary value at these prices.

    But after three days of selling, I think tomorrow should be a fairly positive open, with the techs a little higher on Microsoft and in response to the action over the last few days, ... We've had a couple of ugly sessions and you're likely to see a little bounce off of that.

    They had some pretty good sustained pressure there in the third period. Our guys did a good job keeping it to the outside. They were blocking shots, selling out, diving, doing whatever we could to keep them out of the danger areas. They were starting to wear us down, but the team did a great job and I was trying to stay as calm as I could.

    It's really a continuation of the selling that we saw last week. Sentiment was negative going into yesterday, so a lot of people are using the strength in yesterday's prices to cut losses.

    There's been a lot of selling and profit taking across all asset classes, actually. Oil is weaker, gold, silver, platinum and palladium are weaker, and base metals are weaker. It's just fed on itself.

    Earnings have been coming in by-and-large at better-than-expected levels. But a lot of that has been priced in, and so you're seeing some selling on the news. But the profit-taking is short-term. Longer term, we should continue to see strong economic reports that support the rally, and we should start to see analysts' estimates increase for the fourth quarter.

    The company is not really interested in selling that land to the state, or anybody else. Our preference has always been, we would look favorably upon some sort of a trade for land elsewhere that might be more consistent with our business.

    We are selling some but are still net buyers because we think property values are still going up in Japan. For some assets we can make more money holding than selling.

    The ladies are busy working all year and this is their chance to show what they've been doing. There's no expectation of selling a lot, but a lot of people don't know what all we do down here and this is our chance to show them.

    Well, you're not exactly early on this stock, but we still think it has a ways to go because the company has good fundamentals, ... They have products that are selling. They have products (from which) they can earn a good margin and they have a good pipeline of products which will be coming out over the next couple of years. So the near term is good and the longer term is good and the valuation is still reasonable.

    Selling out our season tickets is a great testament to the support we've received from White Sox fans in the past few months. Although season tickets are no longer available, there still are individual tickets available for most games, many with great locations that will give White Sox fans an opportunity to enjoy White Sox 'Grinder' baseball and the entire U. S. Cellular Field experience.

    Oil's a tricky thing, where we've seen pullbacks in the price and the market doesn't respond, but when you see a rally, stocks fall, ... Oil is clearly the excuse today for the selling.

    If you're in the business of selling advertising in the UK, traditional media has been pretty tough over the last 18 months. There haven't been many media categories that have seen much growth other than the Internet.

    What I have proposed is putting a comprehensive plan together and finding out exactly what land the city has. What we would look into selling are the odds and ends pieces that don't fit into parks, pieces that aren't in the public way.

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