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    We're more of the love, blood, and rhetoric school. Well, we can do you blood and love without the rhetoric, and we can do you blood and rhetoric without the love, and we can do you all three concurrent or consecutive. But we can't give you love and rhetoric without the blood. Blood is compulsory. They're all blood, you see.

    No place in the world prides itself more on its vigilance and realism, no place considers itself more qualified to censure any flourish of rhetoric or extravagance of aspiration.

    The most classic case of the Peter Principle I've ever seen in American politics. In a business where eloquence and rhetoric is important, he is a man of no talent whatsoever.

    Our founders insisted on checks on presidential power to protect our nation's legacy of liberty. The Senate Intelligence Committee must transcend party politics and insist on facts, not rhetoric. The American people deserve the truth, not a whitewash by their elected representatives. Our security and liberty are far too important to be sacrificed in order to protect a president that has hidden from Congress and the public his decision that he need not follow the laws that protect the rights of ordinary Americans.

    The absence of such a charismatic figure who controls single-handedly the political apparatus will be very significant to the political map. Right now you have a weakened government. The weaker you are, the more insecure you are, and the more hard-line you are. And, of course, during elections you have heightened rhetoric, so we do not expect anything to be benign at this point.

    A lot of people would expect the rhetoric to heat up after Labor Day and in the final stretch. But my goodness, the first week of February This year may be tougher than ever.

    I think the conclusion of the convention brought a big sigh of relief. Rhetoric wasn't as bad as it could have been, and there was no terrorist attack, when the FBI and others had warned that was a possibility.

    I think Joe's thing is going to be he's going to be a very Type-A kind of guy that's going to have it all covered, ... He's going to be well prepared. As a player, especially as a starting pitcher, you want your club as a whole to always feel that this game is the most important game tonight. Not only in rhetoric, but also preparation.

    Beijing has been accusing the U. S. of hegemony over the past few days. But that rhetoric is targeted at a domestic audience, not the Americans,

    This matter was taken up by President Pervez Musharraf with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh when they spoke over phone and two sides decided to bring down rhetoric,

    During the run up over the past few years, the tendency has been to look at these companies as a synchronized sector, but that's all changing now. In the next 18 months, underneath all the rhetoric that good markets will offset deteriorating ones, nearly everyone expects there's going to be casualties among home builders of various sizes. The every-man-for-himself era among big residential construction companies has arrived.

    At the end I asked them a rhetorical question 'We still have work to do right' ... But I believe we're getting better. The spirit is excellent. I'm not sure what the psychological effect of a fourth tie would be. Certainly there's joy and pride in any win at all, but to do it in this fashion is extra special.

    Iran has worked with the United States after 911. I don't understand why this administration is, once again, leading us towards a war. We need this administration not only to tone down its rhetoric, but stop this belief that somehow the United States should be the policeman of the world,

    I come from a place that likes grandeur it likes large gestures it is not inhibited by flourish it is a rhetorical society it is a society of physical performance it is a society of style.

    We are surprised that despite all of the rhetoric of good government and cleaning up politics the Legislature would consider removing the limits on corporate influence in local elections.

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