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    From one Soul of the Universe are all Souls derived.... Of these Souls there are many changes, some into a more fortunate estate, and some quite contrary.... Not all human souls but only the pious ones are divine. Once separated from the body, and after the struggle to acquire piety, which consists in knowing God and injuring none, such a soul becomes all intelligence. The impious soul, however, punishes itself by seeking a human body to enter into, for no other body can receive a human soul it cannot enter the body of an animal devoid of reason. Divine law preserves the human soul from such infamy.... The soul passeth from form to form and the mansions of her pilgrimage are manifold. Thou puttest off thy bodies as raiment and as vesture dost thou fold them up. Thou art from old, O Soul of Man yea, thou art from everlasting.'

    Well, there's a few things. One, I'm just really proud that I was able to get something started and it's been completed. And not that F5 is complete by any chance, but just the fact that we just so nonchalantly got in a room and started something and our passion drove us to make sure that the album came out, and now here we are able to talk about an album that's out. So on the one hand, that's kind of an initial goal that feels really good now to have accomplished. Another thing is I'm just really happy to help open the door for the other guys in F5 too. I've been to the big dance now for quite a few years, and I guess that's one of the things I've enjoyed in recent years with the music production I've done and the artist development and now with this band. It's been a fun process to be able to be put in touch with these guys who are so talented and have such great ability, but for some reason haven't had a chance to get up to bat yet. That for me brings me a lot of personal satisfaction, especially with F5 .

    There are all sorts of reasons that they don't care for me and I can accept that. I just want to be able to see my kids regularly. I prayed about it and am glad that the governor said he will at least look into it. I know there are no guarantees, but at least it's something.

    The season was to end with the patriotic song Stars and Stripes Forever. Possibly, another reason is not that the concerts are not as important to the city as they had been, there just are not enough patriots left with enough money to pay and listen to it.

    I believe that this inspection was rushed through, and the sites weren't chosen for disarmament reasons, but rather to be provocative in nature so Iraq would respond in a predictable fashion,

    Love works in miracles every day such as weakening the strong, and strengthening the weak making fools of the wise, and wise men of fools favouring the passions, destroying reason, and in a word, turning everything topsy-turvy.

    I don't see any reason why we would bounce -- there's no real compelling reason for people to buy. It seems like we're going to keep on undergoing pain.

    Those who are accustomed to judge by feeling do not understand the process of reasoning, because they want to comprehend at a glance and are not used to seeking for first principles. Those, on the other hand, who are accustomed to reason from first principles do not understand matters of feeling at all, because they look for first principles and are unable to comprehend at a glance.

    There is a recognition that the current critical habitat arrangement doesn't work, for a whole host of reasons. There are some in the environmental community who think the answer is just no to any change, and I think that's a problem.

    It's a place where no one really cares what you do, ... You can be a ballplayer. We have a lot of guys that just have regular jobs. Everyone is treated the same, that's the reason I like going home. I can go to a Weir football game and everyone comes up and speaks to me just because they haven't seen me in awhile. They don't come up and speak to me because I was on TV the night before. That's why I like going home.

    We would very much like to work together again. And we've talked about it for years. For some reason it's been elusive. She would take a movie idea to a network and I would not be available. And of course Voyager happened and it's just been - it's not been in the cards. But I'd give my eye-teeth to work with her.

    They just don't give you a minute to catch your breath, and we just couldn't handle their pressure all night. They are 24-0 for a reason, but our kids had a great year (19-6) and Wilson basketball is back. We battled hard, but they are just a good team.

    It makes us want to work harder. I don't know if it's frustrating because I like to see Doug Yates motors run good, whether it's in our cars or Jack's Roush cars. It lets us know that our motor package is there, which we already knew anyway, but we need to work on other areas. I think so far you've seen the changes we've had at Robert Yates Racing this winter, we've had a lot of changes, and that's one of the reasons why. Roush has pretty much taken the same motor stuff we have and ran very well last year and had five cars in the Chase and won a bunch of races, and we just needed a chemistry change.

    I am going to stick with the president, ... The president has made it clear the reasons why we can't talk about this. The judge has specifically forbid discussion of what's in depositions in that case because of her gag order. I can't talk about it.

    I'm really trying not to think about it. I've been doing the best I can to just focus on finishing out the schedule for the right reasons, and that's to try to help the team win as many games.

    Unless draconian laws which give authority to Indian forces to catch and kill people without any reason are withdrawn ... peace in the region will remain a distant dream.

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