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    Wherefore, we search the prophets, and we have many revelations and the spirit of prophecy; and having all these witnesses we obtain a hope, and our faith becometh unshaken, insomuch that we truly can command in the name of Jesus and the very trees obey us, or the mountains, or the waves of the sea.

    Surely you don't disbelieve the prophecies, because you had a hand in bringing them about yourself? You don't really suppose, do you, that all your adventures and escapes were managed by mere luck, just for your sole benefit? You are a very fine person, Mr. Baggins, and I am very fond of you; but you are only quite a little fellow in a wide world after all!

    No. I cannot expect you to believe it. Take it as a lie--or a prophecy. Say I dreamed it in the workshop. Consider I have been speculating upon the destinies of our race until I have hatched this fiction. Treat my assertion of its truth as a mere stroke of art to enhance its interest. And taking it as a story, what do you think of it?

    Do I do as false prophets do and puff air into simulacra? Am I a Sorcerer--like Macbeth's witches--mixing truth and lies in incandescent shapes? Or am I a kind of very minor scribe of a prophetic Book--telling such truth as in me lies, with aid of such fiction as I acknowledge mine, as Prospero acknowledged Caliban.

    But those who are ignorant of the truth do not think that these prophets are to be believed for they say that those voices are not divine, but human.

    And We gave him the good news of Ishaq, a prophet among the good ones.

    ... Our God is a God of love. He waits with open arms, and the unfolding of His merciful plan of salvation is not only therefore the mark of divine power but also the mark of God's relentless, redeeming love. It is a point well worth pondering because, among other reasons, it will help us to understand better why God, through the prophets, denounces sin and corruption in such scalding terms. He loves all of us, His spirit sons and daughters, but hates our vices. His denunciation of those vices may, if we are not careful, seem to obscure the enormous and perfect love He has for us.

    We are to remember to keep his commandments in all things, remember to search the scriptures diligently, remember the words our parents have taught us, remember the counsel of the prophets and apostles, remember the awfulness of transgression, remember that the Lord is merciful unto all who believe on his name, remember that he came to redeem us.

    The search has no end the knowledge of God has no end. He can not be known. He can only be known by that which proceeds from Him, as effects of His names, not His ipseity. This is why the following order was given even to the Prophet, although he possessed the knowledge of the First and the Last 'Say, 'Lord, increase me in knowledge' (Koran 20114). And he does not stop saying this, in every state, every station, every degree in this world, in the intermediate world and in the beyond. ipseity The quality of God as a wholly independent being who is complete in Himself. The term gives emphasis to the paradox that God, without any need to do so, creates and draws creatures to Him through love and knowledge. (Definition courtesy G. Thursby)

    Indeed the three prophecies about the death of individual art are, in their different ways, those of Hegel, Marx, and Freud. I don't see any way of getting beyond those prophecies.

    Industry wisdom has long decreed that the two weeks before Labor Day are a studio dumping ground. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy, ... You create your own dynamic. A bad film makes a bad play time.

    Prophecy and history predict and record a great and universal apostasy which was to be followed by a restoration as predicted by John in Revelation. The fact of the great apostasy is attested by both sacred and secular writ, and history bears witness that it became universal. We proclaim this fact of history not as an attack on any church. We do not assume any position of 'holier than thou' or 'wiser than thou,' but we announce this historic fact of the apostasy as a vindication of the claim that there has been in fact a restoration of the gospel.

    A man's liberal and conservative phases seem to follow each other in a succession of waves from the time he is born. Children are radicals. Youths are conservatives, with a dash of criminal negligence. Men in their prime are liberals (as long as their digestion keeps pace with their intellect). The middle aged run to shelter they insure their life, draft a will, accumulate mementos and occasional tables, and hope for security. And then comes old age, which repeats childhood -- a time full of humors and sadness, but often full of courage and even prophecy. (E(lwyn)

    The wise man who is not heeded is counted a fool, and the fool who proclaims the general folly first and loudest passes for a prophet and Fhrer, and sometimes it is luckily the other way round as well, or else mankind would long since have perished of stupidity.

    Therefore, the church is not absolutely necessary as an object of faith, not even for us today, for then Abraham and the other prophets would not have given assent to those things which were revealed to them from God without any intervening help of the church.

    It has been my habit when I crossed the ocean - and I have been on both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans many times-when a storm came up, or we appeared to be in danger from ice or any other cause-to watch the captain of the ship. I noted his demeanor, and I thought that by it I could form a correct idea of our danger. He knew, probably better than anyone else about our position and our danger, and therefore I took pleasure in watching him. And so it is in regard to the work of God. . . . It is my privilege to have all the gifts and blessings resting down upon me by virtue of my calling. If I am faithful thereto they will rest upon me. But it is not my privilege to guide the ship. . . . In times of danger, whatever my own feelings may be, . . . I always look . . . to the man whom God has placed to preside over his people. I watch him. I know that it is for him to direct the movements of the crew of the Ship Zion. It is for him to direct how she shall be steered, so far as human power is necessary for this purpose. When there are no tremors in him, when there are no indications of fear on his part, when he feels serene and confident, I know that I can do so with the utmost safety, and that this entire people can trust in that God who has placed a prophet, a seer, and a revelator to preside over his people upon the earth.

    We understand their pain, but Muslims should channel their anger not by burning and pillaging, but by following the example of Prophet Muhammad himself, who urged restraint and calmness in the wake of provocation.

    Today we are only marching in protest, but if you do not stop this assault (on Muhammad) we will sacrifice our souls and our blood for the prophet. Our message today is that we will accept an official apology from the government, but if the assault continues we will burn the land under their feet.

    'Each time that something comes to your mind regarding Allah know that He is different from that' Commentary If you think and believe that He is what all the schools of Islam profess and believe He is that, and He is other than that If you think that He is what diverse communities believe Muslims, Christians, Jews, Mazdeans, polytheists and others He is that and He is other than that And if you think and believe what is professed by the Knowers par excellence prophets, saints and angels He is that He is other than that None of His creatures worships Him in all His aspects none is unfaithful to Him in all His aspects. No one knows Him in all His aspects no one is ignorant of Him in all His aspects. Those who are among the most knowing regarding Him have said 'Glory to Thee. We have no knowledge except what You have taught us.' (Koran 232)

    I did not come into contact with any Muslim before I embraced Islam. I read the Qur'an first and realized no person is perfect, Islam is perfect, and if we imitate the conduct of the Holy Prophet... we will be successful.

    Ages when custom is unsettled are necessarily ages of prophecy. The moralist cannot teach what is revealed; he must reveal what can be taught. He has to seek insight rather than to preach.

    Starting December 26, Headline News Space Science and Technology Correspondent Allard Beutel looks at the technological vision put forth by Kubrick and co-screenwriter Sir Arthur Clarke. In a five-part series called, 2001 A Space Prophecy, ... 2001.

    My hope that the Church will emerge as a strong leader in society is just that a hope. What I described in The Catholic Moment is not a prophecy but the outline of a possibility. There are no guarantees that my hopes expressed in The Catholic Moment will ever be realised.

    This was not good news for the economy. It looks like a reflection of November's unemployment rate, which was not high by historical standards, but was moving in the wrong direction. Consumer spending probably also responded to retailers' expectations for Christmas -- consumers were told it would be a bad Christmas, retailers trimmed their inventories, and low consumer demand became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    They've won. That is what is so appalling. My guess is that no one in the next generation is going to want to draw the Prophet Muhammad in Denmark and therefore I must ashamedly admit it they've won. Had we known that it would lead to boycotts and Danish lives being endangered as we have seen, then the answer is 'no'.

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