Persuasion Quotes (60 Quotes)

    When I was younger, before this layoff which has nearly finished me, I hitchhiked one hundred and twenty-seven hours without stopping, without food or sleep, crossed the continent twice in six days, cooled my thumbs in both oceans and caught rides after midnight on unlighted highways, such was my skill, persuasion, rhythm. I set records and immediately cracked them; went farther, faster than any hitchhiker before or since.

    It will take a lot of persuasion ... that's why I am not promising a miracle at all. We should be prepared for any eventuality because these people will cling to these hostages tooth and nail, I'm sure.

    I believe that the will of the people is resolved by a strong leadership. Even in a democratic society, events depend on a strong leadership with a strong power of persuasion, and not on the opinion of the masses.

    Being a U.S. senator is more than just casting votes on the issues you are presented with, ... It's about coming up with new ideas, it's about leadership, it's about persuasion. It's about getting 51 votes on initiatives that are going to solve problems.

    The power of a movement lies in the fact that it can indeed change the habits of people. This change is not the result of force but of dedication, of moral persuasion.

    There are reports that we have been hearing about for some time about Syrian hit lists, targeting key Lebanese public figures of various political and religious persuasion, for assassination.

    Almost everywhere political secularization was accompanied at length by a general decrease in religious observance. Theological matters ceased to be, if they had ever genuinely been, the main interest of the people. This does not mean that religion died out far from it. But it became the interest, not of the whole, but of a section of the people. The Church, instead of being a recognized ruling authority, became what its Founder said it was, a little yeast in a large lump of dough. In some countries it barely maintained the right to exist in others it had to adapt its methods to new conditions. But wherever possible it has continued openly to pursue the same ends, and has not ceased to declare what it believes to be the will of God even in the political sphere. Indeed, we may recognize a gain in the new situation. What it could once do by authority, it now seeks to do by persuasion.

    In making a speech one must study three points: first, the means of producing persuasion; second, the language; third the proper arrangement of the various parts of the speech.

    When the conduct of men is designed to be influenced, persuasion, kind unassuming persuasion, should ever be adopted. It is an old and true maxim that 'a drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of gall.' So with men. If you would win a man to your cause, first convince him that you are his sincere friend. Therein is a drop of honey that catches his heart, which, say what he will, is the great highroad to his reason, and which, once gained, you will find but little trouble in convincing him of the justice of your cause, if indeed that cause is really a good one.

    Conservative Party leader Michael Howard immediately called for Blair to resign, telling reporters that this has so diminished his authority. ... increasingly seen as a lame duck, and lack conviction, credibility and the persuasion that a prime minister needs.

    Stalin acted not through persuasion, explanation and patient cooperation with people, but by imposing his concepts and demanding absolute submission to his opinion. Whoever opposed this concept or tried to prove his own viewpoint, and the correctness of his own position, was doomed to removal from the leading collective and to subsequent moral and physical annihilation.

    Authority is not power that's coercion. Authority is not knowledge that's persuasion, or seduction. Authority is simply that the author has the right to make a statement and to be heard.

    Behold, I am become a reproach to thy holy name, by serving any ambition and the sins of others; which though I did by the persuasion of other men, yet my own conscience did cheek and upbraid me in it.

    I have sung for Americans of every political persuasion, and I am proud that I never refuse to sing to an audience, no matter what religion or color of their skin, or situation in life.

    Given that some social processes must convey inherent constraints, the choice is among various mixtures of persuasion, force, and cultural inducement. The less of one, the more of the others. The degree of freedom that is possible is therefore tied to the extent to which people respond to persuasion or inducement.

    In their frenzy to beat freshness into the endless loops of disaster footage that have been running all day, broadcasters might have mentioned that nearly all the visible people left behind in New Orleans are of the black persuasion, and mostly poor.

    Obey this may be right but beware of reverence. Government is nothing but regulated force force is its appropriate claim upon your attention. It is the business of individuals to persuade the tendency of concentrated strength, is only to give consistency and permanence to an influence more compendious than persuasion.

    A good cause is often injured more by ill-timed efforts of its friends than by the arguments of its enemies. Persuasion, perseverance and patience are the best advocates on questions depending on the will of others.

    It sounds great from an institutional standpoint. Maybe the Court could do a better job of persuasion. But it won't come overnight. If Roberts leads by example and writes clearly and talks to his colleagues, it may happen.

    I have never experienced any weather that rough in the size of the boat that I was in. I could not control the boat. I did the best I could for about 10 to 11 hours to keep it afloat until we were evacuated. Everyone was seasick. Everyone had a loss of energy. It took a lot of persuasion on my part to get people into their survival suits, but the bottom line is we survived.

    Even if the committee carried the message in the exact words with no words missing, but left out the persuasion of gesture, the supplicating tone, and the beseeching looks which inform the words and give them life, where then were the power of the arguments and whom would it convince

    Today our youth are faced with tremendous challengesand what do they need most They need sound knowledge, sensible understanding, a guiding hand. They need real homes that are maintained in a clean and orderly manner. They need fathers who are really fathers and mothers who are mothers in the true sense of the word. They need more than mere progenitors or landlords. They are in need of loving, understanding parents, who give fatherly and motherly care, who put their families first in their lives, and who consider it their fundamental and most important duty to save their children, to so orient them and their thinking that they will not be swayed by every wind of persuasion which happens to blow in their direction.

    We're finding roadblocks because they have a cookie-cutter mentality to producing buildings. How successful we'll be (in convincing them) is still up in the air, and we can't force them to do this, but we hope to convince them through the power of persuasion.

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