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    As you grow, you learn more. If you stayed as ignorant as you were at twenty-two, you'd always be twenty-two. Aging is not just decay, you know. It's growth. It's more than the negative that you're going to die, it's the positive that you understand you're going to die, and that you live a better life because of it.

    We know people on calorie restriction will lose weight. But this study isn't a weight-loss study. We're hoping to learn more about whether calorie restriction can alter the aging process.

    Power thinking is a method for changing our beliefs about aging. ... It's changing negative, limiting beliefs to positive beliefs, so our thinking and speaking reflect a positive approach and strong belief in what we're able to do and achieve as we age.

    Medtronic I think is a great way to play sort of everyone getting older, as they say, the aging baby boom. They have a new product out that was approved last winter. It does two different things. An implantable device, and I'm not sure I'd explain it all well enough, but it's the next generation from the old pacemakers. And they have just over the past week implanted that for the first time in a patient and that's a whole great new product cycle about to start.

    The majority of these foods are considered super foods' due to their high concentrations of disease-fighting nutrients. However, their powers do not just protect men. These super foods are beneficial to both men and women in the prevention of heart disease, cancer and even aging.

    Murphy uses a three-year chart of the XLV alongside the ratio of the XLV to the SP 500 Index, providing a measure of health care's relative strength. When it rises, the implication is bearish for stocks. Their relative strength ratio rises when the market is weak and falls when the market is strong, ... The fact that it's been rising for most of 2005 is a sign that money is moving into more defensive sectors in an aging bull market--another reason why health care is an attractive choice right now.

    Everything can be learned, including, to a very large extent, to be what you are not. You can learn to be pretty if you are plain, charming if you are dull, thin if you are fat, youthful if you are aging, how to write though you are inarticulate, how to make money though you are not good with figures.

    As our population ages, we are continually looking for ways to maintain our mental and physical skills. While these laboratory animal studies are certainly preliminary and much more work needs to be done, we know that consuming high levels of natural dietary antioxidants is a good thing from a number of perspectives. And it appears that drinking Concord grape juice has the potential to help retard the mental and physical declines of aging.

    Between the growing need for information security experts, highly-knowledgeable ERP and Internet-based technology professionals, and advanced healthcare technology to help answer the call of aging baby boomers, our outlook for the technology employment market and its wages is optimistic for 2006.

    Surprisingly, many of our clients who are in their 50s are already planning ahead and incorporating design elements to help in the aging process.

    A wholly unrealistic mandate to compete against itself with an aging fleet, aging workforce and and ailing infrastructure make a public accounting of the Coastal Ferry Act a necessity.

    Why should you find a mind attractive enough to put up with a crippled, aging body I'm half again your age-why is it that when we're talking you make me feel no age at all or every age How is it that you challenge my mind as well as my heart How did you make me come alive again

    Middle age is when you drink wine.... That combined with the health message means that you get a lot of aging baby boomers with coins in their pockets that are out to buy better quality wine.

    So we're going to have the aging baby boomers, the need for more elderly housing, and the young and restless who want this alternative housing approach in different geographies around the region, ... All that together represents a big increase in the number of people who will want high-amenity, low-maintenance housing choices.

    It was just about 15 years ago when a scientist at the National Institute on Aging concluded that it was good to be a little overweight rather than normal weight, ... And it was pure rubbish.

    The study shows that you can produce positive health changes in people through calorie restriction, but the data I've seen don't show anything about aging.

    This probably has to do with the aging of the population and more people confronting these situations. The poll found that people who have participated in decisions about end-of-life or had loved ones with illnesses in the last five years are much more likely to have thought about end-of-life treatments or to have living wills.

    Careless of waste, wallowing in refuse, exterminating the enemies ... despising age, denying human natural history, fabricating pseudotraditions, swamped in the repeated personal crises of the aging preadolescent all are familiar images of American society. They are signs of private nightmares of incoherence and disorder in broken climaxes where technologies in pursuit of mastery create ever-worsening problems - private nightmares expanded to a social level.

    I invite you, from my sentiments, my convictions and my responsibilities, to work together in the construction of a Uruguay where being young is not suspicious, where aging is not a problem.

    Our civilization survives in the complacency of cowardly or malignant minds -- a sacrifice to the vanity of aging adolescents. In 1953, excess is always a comfort, and sometimes a career.

    It's mostly a function of the aging population, the increased spending of people over 55 on health, the whole skew in society toward litigation and the need for extra tests. If you happen to be the company that's doing the tests, well that's good for your revenue.

    If anything, Katrina has spotlighted the increasing perils of our heavy dependence on oil. There is no prospect whatsoever that opening the Arctic Refuge and protected offshore areas to drilling would reduce the nation's energy supply and price vulnerabilities. Whether it comes from off America's coasts, from Alaska's Arctic via an aging aboveground pipeline, or from the politically unstable Middle East, oil is an increasingly vulnerable energy source. Heavy oil dependence leaves our economy wide open to price and supply shocks.

    I've heard that people are saying it cost 300,000. That's way more than it cost. We paid 165,000 for it and there were good reasons to buy it. It's larger than previous units we've had. Our fleet was aging, our first out ambulance is more than eight years old and we were spending a lot of maintenance on it.

    Oddly, it took a while, but resorts discovered that it's a service industry over the last few years. It's likely a product of the aging baby boomers, and as they get older, they expect more. Resorts have followed suit by adding more frills and service.

    So it's an old, aging system that instead of protecting farmland is actually protecting small cities, levees of questionable integrity protecting higher value real estate.

    Globally we have seen a significant rise in variety of products. Consumers are looking for more products that address their individual needs, and this is resulting in more product offerings. There is a particular focus on catering to the aging consumer, specifically in the non-foods product categories.

    It used to be thought that brain development ended in young adulthood, but now we know (it) continues throughout life. I think George would agree that it doesn't stop in the 50s. It's just overtaken by the negative effects of aging, so that the net effect is mental decline after that age.

    We see allergic tendencies much more common in children than adults, and nobody really knows exactly why that is. The reality is, we can't quite understand the aging process of the immune system, but it seems to change.

    It's an aging population in Rhode Island. We're maintaining the middle-aged population, but we're losing some of our elderly to warmer climates, and some of our post-college younger people are looking for greener pastures.

    We feel that results of our tests represent an important first step understanding the complex relationships between aging, brain structure and cognitive performance. The brain can be very plastic in how it re-directs pathways and functions in response to circumstances.

    Ratings on Horizon Lines reflect its aggressive financial profile, modest financial flexibility, participation in the capital-intensive and competitive shipping industry, and an aging fleet.

    We are not victims of aging, sickness and death. These are part of scenery, not the seer, who is immune to any form of change. This seer is the spirit, the expression of eternal being.

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