Madness Quotes (1982 Quotes)

    This is a crazy culture. Absolutely nutty. You see it reflected everywhere you look, the desperate search -- who are we, what are we, can we ever make if in the hip world On the scene, on the go, in the know.

    I wouldn't say we came in mad. A lot of us were disappointed. We wanted to show we still have a good team and are not out of the race yet. We still have hope of winning the league.

    (Our) thinking was since they (Colts) had all of their time outs, taking knees would give the ball back to them. Besides, how often does Jerome fumble the ball Almost never. It was just a crazy thing.

    The Oklahoma Farmer-Stockman recently published two pictures, one of a dilapidated house and the other of a washed-away field. The magazine offered a prize for the best essay on the two pictures. The first prize was won by a Cherokee Indian, who wrote this Both pictures show that white man crazy. Make big teepee, plow hill, water wash down, windblown soil, grass all gone. Squaw gone, papoose too. No chuckaway. No pigs, no corn, no hay, no cow, no pony. Indian no plow land, keep grass, buffalo eat. Indian eat buffalo. Hide make teepee, moccasins too. Indian no make terrace, no build dam, no give a dam. All time eat, no hunt job, no hitch-hike, no ask relief, no shoot pig, Great spirit make grass, Indian no waste anything. Indian no work. White man heap crazy.

    I think we were all kind of frustrated with the referees. We felt like they called a (expletive) game. Thirty-something to 17 fouls, that's crazy. But at the same time, we still had a chance to win it, but we just never could pull it together.

    When people get mad, they're more likely to do something. When I go back to Congress ... what's happened at Sago and what's happened here, there's got to be a lot of mad people.

    We all come in after practice and he leaves. That's kind of crazy. He's not invisible, but it's like he's on the night schedule and we're on the day schedule.

    His presence alone, and the energy he brings to the defense makes us a whole lot better than last year, ... I just love seeing him and the rest of our defense running to the ball and blitzing like crazy. He's a special one. Even though he signed a big contract, he's always striving to get better. His leadership really adds something to this team.

    I like using my defense that's why when you give up a hit I'm not going to be that mad, ... The next pitch you can get a double play. That's part of my game in a way.

    This time, something happens to Jack on a very personal level. Because he's presumed dead, a lot of the boundaries he was restricted by -- by virtue of who he was working for -- don't exist now. And he's mad.

    I've heard they may put me in right some. I've never played right, but it can't be too much different from left, I don't think. I have to be smart. I can't be all crazy, diving around. I'm 34 years old and weigh 230 pounds that's a hard impact.

    It was a fun crowd. I was down there in the first two rounds in the first few rounds he was kind of on the back court and hearing the crowd go crazy. It seemed like they were almost a soccer crowd because I don't think they were all real tennis fans at the beginning of these few weeks, but by now I'm sure they are. It really does help and make a big difference when you know you have people cheering for you.

    An atheist is but a mad, ridiculous derider of piety, but a hypocrite makes a sober jest of God and religion he finds it easier to be upon his knees than to rise to a good action.

    The media has everyone crazy. We haven't had any limits placed on how much gasoline we can get. If everyone would just stick to their normal buying habits, we'd be fine.

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