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Madness Quotes (1982 Quotes)

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  • As revealing as anything in Fowler's autobiography is the claim that his financial advisor, George Scott, encouraged Peter Ridsdale to walk away when the bidding reached double figures. It was, he said, a crazy price, but on November 29 the deal was done. If they had been a bit tougher in the transfer market, they could have got me for half that, ... It was crazy and maybe typical of what was going on.
    (Robbie Fowler)
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  • There was the Jack Osbourne my parents knew, the Jack Osbourne my friends knew, and the Jack Osbourne the public knew. The one my parents knew was the funny, facetious, nice, loving son my parents know, who is truly caring. With my friends it was a crazy,
    (Jack Osbourne)
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