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    Every faction conditions its members to think and act a certain way. And most people do it. For most people, it's not hard to learn, to find a pattern of thought that works and stay that way. But our minds move in a dozen different directions. We can't be confined to one way of thinking, and that terrifies our leaders. It means we can't be controlled. And it means that no matter what they do, we will always cause trouble for them.

    Men who find themselves late are never sure. They are all the things the civics books tell us the good citizen should be: partisans but never zealots, respectors of the facts which attend each situation but never benders of those facts, uncomfortable in positions of leadership but rarely unable to turn down a responsibility once it has been offered . . . or thrust upon them. They make the best leaders in a democracy because they are unlikely to fall in love with power.

    The lizard stared up at us, and we stared back, taking each other in. He was little and defenseless, I felt sorry for him already. This was a screwed-up place he'd just come into. But he didn't have to know that. Not yet, anyway. There in that room, where it was hot and cramped, the world probably still seemed small enough to manage.

    At that moment, in the sunset on Watership Down, there was offered to General Woundwort the opportunity to show whether he was really the leader of vision and genius which he believed himself to be, or whether he was no more than a tyrant with the courage and cunning of a pirate. For one beat of his pulse the lame rabbit's idea shone clearly before him. He grasped it and realized what it meant. The next, he had pushed it away from him.

    The world is being run by people my age, men my age, with falling-out hair and health worries, and it frightens me. When the leaders were older than me I could believe in their wisdom, I could believe they had transcended rage and malice and the need to be loved. Now I know better. I look at the faces in newspapers, in magazines, and wonder: what greeds, what furies drive them on?

    Only Anna was sad. She knew that now, from Dolly's departure, no one again would stir up within her soul the feelings that had been roused by their conversation. It hurt her to stir up these feelings, but yet she knew that that was the best part of her soul, and that that part of her soul would quickly be smothered in the life she was leading.

    Redtail was a brave warrior. His loyalty to ThunderClan could never be doubted. I always relied on his judgment, for it bore witness to the needs of the Clan, and was never swayed by self-interest or pride. He would have made a fine leader.

    A good father. A man with a head, a heart, and a soul. A man capable of listening, of leading and respecting a child, and not of drowning his own defects in him. Someone whom a child will not only love because he's his father, but will also admire for the person he is. Someone he would want to grow up to resemble.

    Technology needs to be the leader on the way up, because it was the leader on the way down. Even though the earnings reports are miserable, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. That's what investors are looking at right now.

    The Democrats may remember their lines, but how quickly they forget the lessons of the past. I have witnessed five major wars in my lifetime, and I know how swiftly storm clouds can gather on a peaceful horizon. The next time a Saddam Hussein takes over Kuwait, or North Korea brandishes a nuclear weapon, will we be ready to respond In the end, it all comes down to leadership, and that is what this country is looking for now. (RNC Annual Gala, Feb. 3, 1994)

    The Guild leadership is resorting to wild accusations in a manner that accomplishes nothing of value at this time. We need to deal with the difficult decisions that impact our valued employees, and as always we believe it is best to discuss such matters directly with the Guild.

    Boo, he's small, but a big leader, as I can him. He may be the smallest player on the court, but of course, he plays like the biggest. He always keeps us together in tough times.

    National is the leader in ceramic speaker driver technology for portable devices. The LM4962 and LM4953 integrated drivers allow manufacturers to create credit-card-thin handsets or add additional features to designs because the chips save space and reduce power consumption. This enables longer battery life and talk time.

    He's meant so much as a player, but he's also done so much as far as motivating and showing these young people just what they should do. He's been a real leader.

    Usage statistics are a leading indicator of our business growth. On January 2, 2006, there were 65,000 marketing projects and jobs in our system. On March 31, there were 83,000 marketing projects and jobs. Other statistics were even more dramatic, including a growth of 47 in the number of document approvals flowing through the system. Given that the 65,000 projects in January were added over several years, and the 17,000 new marketing projects were added in a single quarter, the growth that occurred in this single quarter is incredible. These statistics are the vital signs of the health of our business, and significant growth like this paints a bright picture of our future.

    Jonathan controls the front seven, gets everyone lined up and takes care of the blitz package. He's been a great leader. He's an outstanding young man. He accepts coaching. He's done everything I've asked.

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