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    Hopefully our game will do for mid-major conferences, what we hope it will do for all of college baseball, which is get more fans in the seats and watching on TV. We know how exciting college baseball is, and hopefully after gamers play 'MVP '06,' they will too.

    I applaud Senator Feinstein and Governor Schwarzenegger who are part of the growing bipartisan coalition of leaders determined to give hope to patients and families suffering from chronic disease and injury. However, the Brownback bill in the United States Senate would prohibit a technique that allows critical patient-specific stem cell research. If passed, this would have overwhelming and devastating consequences to the advancement of medical science here in California and around the world, severely harming our research funding program in California and undermining the basic right of families in this country to gain access to ethical therapies to help their loved ones. We owe it to the future of California and the nation to follow the vision of hope for patients.

    This is a very strong report, and it's unequivocal. My hope is that this will be an important factor that the district attorney will take into account in whatever decision he will make about whether to prosecute these men who did this to Carlos. It is certainly something that I will be using in my case.

    I have experienced healing through other writers' poetry, but there's no way I can sit down to write in the hope a poem will have healing potential. If I do, I'll write a bad poem.

    The last four holes, we were playing straight into the sun and straight into the wind. I was looking at the clock, hoping, wondering, 'Can we finish today' It would have been quite a tough day (Sunday) if we couldn't finish, have to get up early, finish and then start over.

    There are a lot of movies I'd like to throw away. That's not to say that I went in with that attitude. Any film I ever started, I went in with all the hope and best intentions in the world, but some films just don't work.

    It's a risk-reward thing. If I do go out and try and play and get hurt again, then I'm definitely out. I've got no chance to go. If I'm ready, then great. It's getting better. I've been doing a lot more in the last couple of days. I've got a day off (on Wednesday) and then hope to come back in on Thursday and really see where I am at and test it out. Hopefully I'm going to play this weekend but, in reality, we'll see.

    Call it vanity, call it arrogant presumption, call it what you wish, but I would grope for the nearest open grave if I had no newspaper to work for, no need to search for and sometimes find the winged word that just fits, no keen wonder over what each unfolding day may bring.

    This election is far from being over. The celebration is far from being ended. And this 21-month journey is very much alive, it is well and the hope for this city -- the promise that we can indeed be a city that we can believe in again -- is on schedule.

    I laugh, I love, I hope, I try, I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry. And I know you do the same things too, So we're really not that different, me and you.

    Texas AM has done everything in its power to bring closure to this situation. Our hope is that the Seahawk organization will recognize our federal trademark and bring closure to this situation.

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