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    As a community bank we need to offer our customers a level of service that the large chain banks just can't seem to provide. That means we staff all of our offices with local lenders who have loan approval authority for faster service. We place a high importance on the little things like returning phone calls promptly and having documents ready on time. We put a lot of effort into teaching our employees the profession of banking so that they can properly answer your questions. We also have a great deal of respect for the traditional coastal businesses like fishing, logging and tourism and look for ways to help make them successful.

    With better credit, he said, Chinese families would be able to spend more money, buy more goods and perhaps reduce China's huge trade surplus with the United States. Good credit facilitation and consumer finance is going to help consumers buy more things, ... We see consumerism and consumer credit as going directly to the thing we have most on our minds - the global imbalances.

    I think that, globally, investment banking is going to be a huge opportunity for the business. We're just seeing a huge amount of activity, and I think that falls right into benefiting the large brokerage firms.

    I think looking at restoration from a purely (environmental) standpoint may mean tearing people's houses and businesses down. We have to look at a financial impact when we look at environment only, where we've been for the last 20 years, it doesn't necessarily work. underestimated both the time requirements and the financial resources required to achieve the critical mass of customers needed to sustain the business,

    We designed the Stock Signal Pro as a tool for investors to sift through all the financial data and make the process of finding high probability trades as simple as possible. One of the major design requirements was that it help users avoid losing trades.

    In order to be able to operate and maintain the sewer system so that it provides the service it needs to provide, we kind of have to do this, ... I hate that it has to come now with the gas price so high, but it's become a financial drain on the General Fund.

    It is incredibly important, in conjunction with making ID theft a crime in Colorado, that we give our prosecutors the resources they need to prosecute these cases. I think the fact that the banking community has stepped up to the plate to help provide these resources is fabulous.

    Expecting job growth on the order of about 150,000 in December, financial markets were taken aback, to say the least, when those figures came in at only a thousand new jobs.

    Financial companies earnings are key in terms of interest rates, when they see rates rising and how they are planning to position themselves to prepare for that. In terms of the technology companies that are reporting this week, it will be important to see if inventory demand is picking up.

    The cost of campaigning since the last election cycle has probably gone up 30 to 40 percent. And the reason media has gone up is because the population has gone up. You predicate media buys on how many people you're reaching. So it's a growing cycle of financial needs in the political world.

    Over the past year, we have been engaged in career development with an eye toward advancement opportunities for our employees. The new assignments for Otto and Scott are designed to broaden both their understanding of the corporation and their experience in the finance and accounting arenas. We are committed to providing advancement opportunities for our employees and will continue to focus on helping accelerate career development and expanding the knowledge base of our staff.

    I think a productive economy is the main thing people should take home with them. This is a unique period in American history. I think we'll look back on it as a time you wanted to own stocks rather than trade stocks. I think, secondarily, corporate America is showing good earnings reports. The second half of this year may be lower than the second half of last year, but they're still robust, probably in the high teens. I think if you focus on financial guide posts, that eventually will drive prices. I think you'll see the market in general do better as the year wears on.

    We will expand beyond even options and equities as we look to provide new opportunities in the trading of financial instruments, ... We believe we'll make money in the options business next year.

    Financial literacy is an issue that should command our attention because many Americans are not adequately organizing finances for their education, healthcare and retirement.

    It's called a growth package. Well, all it's going to grow is the income inequality in this country. It's going to grow the gap between the rich and everyone else, it's going to grow tax unfairness. The rich will pay less and everyone else in America will eventually pay more. It's going to grow federal deficits, and our national debt. And it's going to grow the size of the financial disaster that lies ahead of this country.

    The figure, compared with 18.6 percent for the whole 2005, shows the banking industry has a steady growth pattern. Banks will likely ride China's economic expansion and a consumer boom into the next decade.

    There was a lot of action going on out there for sure, ... But we just had so much push in the car toward the end I could hardly keep it on the track in the banking. The team performed well, and I'm pleased with the result tonight.

    Demographics, the strong growth in financial wealth and the increasing shift of financial responsibility to the individual all are expected to drive long-term demand for our services and products, as reflected in our large amount of newly gathered assets during the quarter,

    When I was offered the position of finance minister I knew I was going to get hurt. We are now facing the smoke screens of populism sweeping over the state. When I took on the post, Israel was a few weeks away from total collapse like in Argentina, and the Central bank's governor warned that the bank was on the verge of a breakdown.

    IT organizations need to implement IT controls for compliance management without increasing architectural complexity. This requires that IT organizations work hand-in-glove with financial, legal and business operations to manage operational risk. Expanding compliance and operational risk demands offer an opportunity for IT to build long-lasting value for the firm, or face the threat of becoming a scapegoat for operational and legal deficiency.

    It sounds like you have prepared well for the financial changes that are likely to occur when you move back to the States, ... Your commitment to monthly savings programs is encouraging and should be continued.

    I believe the continuation of subsidized rates, particularly for properties that have suffered repetitive losses and those that are vacation homes, represents a financial drain on the flood insurance fund while encouraging families to remain living in harms way,

    We found that there has been some hesitation among Hispanics to walk into a bank. They are nervous, and sometimes there's a language barrier. As more and more immigrants are joining the work force, they need a financial institution they can trust as well as (one that can) send their money to loved ones back home. We have an opportunity to do that.

    This report highlights the current gap in federal oversight that is a major problem and needs immediate correction, ... Enron's deceptions were shocking, and equally shocking was the extent to which respected U.S. financial institutions like (J.P. Morgan) Chase, Citigroup, and Merrill Lynch helped Enron carry out its deceptions and mislead investors and analysts about the company's finances.

    Were looking into the Web sites and trying to determine what relevance there is, if any. In any murder investigation, we would look into any and all motives, and a financial motive is certainly one of them.

    Financial institutions worldwide have made a very major effort to diversify their work forces. Despite this, it's clearly taking time for these efforts to take effect.

    The Sturm Group, ... also provided documented ability to fund the purchase price and ongoing operations, as well as clear evidence of the ability to meet the financial and operating requirements of the City and County of Denver and the ownership standards of the NBA and NHL.

    If he gets indicted, there probably will be. He's really done a lot of good in this town. He's given a lot of money away. ... There is a concern (among boosters) about him keeping the building because of the financial problems he's got and whether we'll be able to have it there again.

    It's not the dollar that's weakened a great deal, but rather the perception in the financial markets that the yen is strengthening a great deal, ... So it's a yen problem.

    We certainly consider the financial aspect and amount of money offered, but we don't want everybody spending every dime in the club and having nothing on the backside. We consider the overall picture, financial structure, marketing, group partners and relationship with the community.

    I think now that both parties are going to be talking, we can get an extension for the people who are living here, and we can get them some financial assistance to help move their trailers.

    I think that the soft or hard landing debate is misleading. Financial markets usually have hard landings regardless of how an economy lands.

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