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    On the earth, satellite of a star speeding through space, living things had arisen under the influence of conditions which were part of the planet's history; and as there had been a beginning of life upon it, so, under the influence of other conditions, there would be an end: man, no more significant than other forms of life, had come not as the climax of creation but as a physical reaction to the environment.

    Intelligent, thinking people could take things like this in their stride, just as they took the larger absurdities of deadly dull jobs in the city and deadly dull homes in the suburbs. Economic circumstances might force you to live in this environment, but the important thing was to keep from being contaminated. The important thing, always, was to remember who you were.

    The first theft marked Buck as fit to survive in the hostile Northland environment. It marked his adaptability, his capacity to adjust himself to changing conditions, the lack of which would have meant swift and terrible death. It marked, further, the decay or going to pieces of his moral nature, a vain thing and a handicap in the ruthless struggle for existence.

    They were his environment, these men, and they were moulding the clay of him into a more ferocious thing than had been intended by Nature. Nevertheless, Nature had given him plasticity. Where many another animal would have died or had its spirit broken, he adjusted himself and lived, and at no expense of the spirit.

    The lives of individuals of the human race form a constant plot, in which every attempt to isolate one piece of living that has a meaning separate from the rest-for example, the meeting of two people, which will become decisive for both-must bear in mind that each of the two brings with himself a texture of events, environments, other people, and that from the meeting, in turn, other stories will be derived which will break off from their common story.

    See, this was his kind of decorating. An active mind don't need distractions in its physical environment. It needed a collection of outstanding books and a good lamp. Maybe some cheese and crackers

    This team has played with a great amount of poise all year. We've been down a couple of times this season and come back. So, it's something I knew we could do. That wasn't easy, playing here in a hostile environment.

    The district court unfortunately took an erroneously narrow view of its authority, and our hope is that the federal courts will hold these polluting plants accountable for the harm they do to our health and environment,

    We know today if you go to western and central Africa that humans and chimps live in similar and neighboring environments. This is the first evidence in the fossil record that they coexisted in the same place in the past.

    Protection of environmental resources is as much of a long-term investment in California's future as is the construction of public works that provide water or improve transportation or schools.

    This is expected to be one of the worse hurricane seasons, and so far they're right and we're only halfway through it. All you have to do is pose the question What if you had another monster storm in another few weeks, just as things are starting to come back on line I don't know how you would avoid recession in that environment.

    We all use cell phones and when there are gaps in coverage and you don't have service, that could be a life threatening issue or the loss of a business transaction. There are more rocks in the soil than I thought could exist, so it won't hurt the environment, and it's not near any schools, so I don't see any negative impacts.

    I think the younger generation, the people poised to dominate the workforce, are more socially conscious. They are more demanding in terms of environment and how that environment contributes to their life.

    Wal-Mart's new commitments to increase efficiency and reduce pollution and waste are important first steps for a company that has such a profound impact on our environment. More companies should take these positive steps towards safer and healthier communities.

    I think looking at restoration from a purely (environmental) standpoint may mean tearing people's houses and businesses down. We have to look at a financial impact when we look at environment only, where we've been for the last 20 years, it doesn't necessarily work.

    They love the environment of the big game. Even when we were down, it's just a special feeling that this team has to never give up. It's sort of like the wind. You can't see it, but you sure can feel it.

    In safety, it's not going to happen by magic. You have to hold people accountable, for having meetings, doing inspections, and fixing problems you find. You have to pay attention to the tools you use, the equipment, the materials, and the environment. You can't give them broken tools and expect them to be safe. You can't give them toxic materials.

    Now, Venus is an extremely hostile environment, and as such presents a lot of challenges for a science fiction author who wants to create life there. However, as I began to research it more thoroughly, I found myself intrigued by the possibilities the world offers.

    From an operational perspective we need to see signs the company is coping well in this difficult environment, and if that is the case that could set the market up for a good day on Tuesday. If not, then the opposite could happen.

    We're gambling with other things in the environment or genes or both, ... The fact that Jennings smoked for a long period of time increased his risk of getting lung cancer. How much that risk was dissipated by stopping for 20 years I don't know, but it was obviously not entirely.

    Saving Sailors a lot of money, helping with traffic mitigation and cutting down on environmental pollution are the biggest benefits of the program.

    Winning a PACE Award for the second consecutive year is a distinct honor and reinforces our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology in products that provide our customers with cost-effective improvements in environmental and safety performance.

    There are a lot of problems in the world, a lot of tragic things that have to be addressed, economic, medical, political, all kinds of things, but, to my way of thinking, they pale in comparison to the overall problem of the environmental deadline.

    While our earnings for the quarter and the six months were essentially flat year over year, we have seen positive developments since the first quarter and believe that our fundamental strengths, our exceptional asset base and our experienced management team will serve us well as we continue to move forward in an uncertain environment,

    We didn't want to let the pressure of the environment get to our girls. But we did some things that were uncharacteristic of our girls in the second half, and for that I have to give credit to Flambeau.

    I do not think that the effect of good environment, of fine buildings, of pleasant homes, upon the character, temperament, will, disposition, and energy of the people sufficiently dawns upon the average citizen.

    We commend the commission, under the leadership of Chairman Martin, for recognizing the reality of today's communications marketplace and for fostering an environment where there will be greater choice in communications services and providers.

    So that we focus not on competing visions for Europe but on what Europe can do to improve economic growth, to give us a cleaner environment, to create more jobs, to make us more secure.

    This doesn't make sense. Our customers are saying, 'I'm not going to buy E85, which is better for the environment and the economy, unless it's cheaper.' We're seeing E85 just sit.

    This new approach is like stepping onto an unexplored continent for the first time, with all the potential for discovery that suggests. No one else can match the environment we're creating for expanding the game experience to everyone. Our path is not linear, but dynamic.

    We've gone from a psychology a month and a half ago that the economy is growing too quickly, and the Fed is going to have to raise rates, to we're going to go towards a recession because the economy's slowing too quickly. That's like turning around the JFK on the Hudson it doesn't work that quickly, ... So you get fear coming into the market -- it just changes its nature. The fear was inflation. Now the fear is earnings. And it's going to end up somewhere in the middle. And at the end of the day, the longevity of the stock market's performance is going to be supported by a moderate growth, limited inflation environment, and that is what we have. It's not going to be robust growth -- 5.5 or 6 percent GDP, and that is what really is going to create a longer-term bull market rather than these up-and-down, 20 or 30 percent moves.

    None of the vendors crowding this important category of network security is likely to make really big waves this year. It'll be the middle to the end of 2006 before companies have NAC up and running within the switch environment, ... 2006 will be the major year of getting your infrastructure up to date and defining your networking policies.

    San Francisco is an interesting place. It's always been such a nice culturally diverse environment, which it still is, but there's a lot of money there now and a lot of dot com's so it's a little different than it used to be.

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