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    Malaria kills and its main victims are children and women. We can stop this scourge so people can live with dignity and go to work and school.

    We've said it from day one, that if this arena was going to cut into anything at the university then we weren't in favor of it. We reluctantly went downtown to be a team player and to be on the river to go in accordance with the task force and to be a full partner.

    It gets mentioned all throughout the year. Everybody wants to know when those BBC games are. All day at school everybody's telling me, 'I want 30 points or 50 points.' Everybody is looking forward to it.

    When you lose players and students at a school, it's devastating on campus and in the community. As a coach, your role is to comfort the team when something like that happens, but at the same time you are feeling it too.

    This makes a mockery of planning regulations. We feel this is outrageous there is nowhere for the children to play. There is a huge groundswell of bad feeling among the local community about this. How can the school ignore all the rules

    I think the University of North Carolina has gotten a rebirth, a great burst of energy. We've won some games and we've had some new coaches come in who exude excellence. The team is starting to feed off their energy. You look at them and say, 'How can your coach be more excited than you are' It makes you up your ante a little more.

    Left to my own imagination, I could never have composed a scenario that was anywhere as interesting as my life has been starting out as an eager altar boy, a good Boy Scout, a relatively docile Dominican brother and priest, receiving an advanced degree in spirituality, teaching bishops and many others around the world about our Western spiritual tradition, and then ending up being expelled from the Dominican order.

    These days shooting has become a lost art. Kids are looking to make the spectacular pass, the handles and the dunk. Statistically throughout the college and pro games, the percentages are down.

    The city has requested that we perform a visitor profile study, which hopes to find out who our visitors are in Fort Collins, where they are coming from, and why they are coming.

    The board of education has no business allowing the library board under our flag to run a bond issue. We go to the public enough. Probably more than enough.

    There are successful scholars, public-spirited scholars, upright scholars, cautious scholars, and those who are merely petty men.

    Asked if he was opposed to teaching intelligent design in schools, Huntsman said he was against it being taught in science classes. If it comes up in sociology or philosophy as differing views on creation, I think that's appropriate, ... But that doesn't happen until college or maybe later in high school.

    Amazon is two-and-a-half years down the learning curve. As of tomorrow, Borders will be a few hours down the learning curve. It's another option for book buyers, but we don't view Borders as a big competitive threat to Amazon. We see this as more of a defensive move than an offensive move.

    I think we all have to remember that we could have a university without a football team. A lot of universities don't have football teams. But we can't have a football team without a university. The university will always come first.

    I knew Tim was going to be a solid player even before he got to high school. He's come a long ways. He's matured this year as far as taking better shots, and he also enables Andrew to get freed up because people have a hard time focusing on one just guy, and we've got five guys who score in double figures.

    While we have the utmost respect for coach Willingham, his staff, his players and the university, ... after last week we know we need to make a lot of adjustments and a lot of corrections within ourselves, and we're really concentrating on fixing ourselves before we head out to Seattle.

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