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    I've got to just relax until Thursday and get everything back in shape, and take the positives out of this week. They say you learn more from your losses than from your wins. And I've got a lot from this week to learn.

    I used to go to these classical music shows at the Masonic Temple in Detroit, and see all these string players. I don't understand why they don't continue to do that for kids, teach them music appreciation.

    I know schools are doing a lot of things to double-check. It's actually much more time-intensive than even we thought it would be. It takes a lot of time to go through every course and match it up to cumulative records. If you do it right, you want to check every aspect.

    We have positive, enthusiastic learning centers in all our schools and that has carried over to Southern Lee, ... I'm hoping for a large turnout. Even people who don't or won't have children in school will have a very positive experience walking through Southern Lee High School. They will also see how schools have changed. As we consider renovations to Lee County High School, we will be looking at what we've done at Southern Lee.

    The good thing is that I played a lot of high-school baseball against guys who are in college ball. Its still a big jump. I just come ready to play every day. I have to know two positions defensively. What helps is that I played third, a corner infield position.

    I think he feels badly that he's hurt his family and the university and the fans, and he wants to right the ship. This (suspension) gives him a chance to do that. It is also crystal clear that if he is involved in any other kinds of trouble, whether it be judicial, athletic or through the university, his association with the university will be terminated. He knows that. He knows exactly where he stands.

    This has been a real concern to us and the sportsmen in the region. But with what we learn from this study, we will be able to target key areas that mule deer use with habitat improvement programs, and hopefully, be able to determine what other factors might be depressing mule deer numbers in this area.

    It is important for parents to ask for information from each private college about the various merit grants, scholarships and other incentives available, as they differ from college to college.

    We know foreign governments want our technology. We know they will go to all lengths to get it, ... It is incumbent upon us to have the best security practices, constantly to review them, learn the lessons from the past and make sure that it doesn't happen again.

    All of this has occurred with an investment of approximately 1 percent in university resources an investment that is far less than our peers. I look forward to this opportunity to discuss the value which our department has added to our growing and vibrant university.

    I feel pretty good about (the retirement) because frankly there are not too many guys in my business who can do it. I feel grateful the university has been so good to me and my family. I have a chancellor that has been very supportive of me, and his cooperation on what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. I think that is very unique to have a situation like that.

    We buy them (books) as our budget allows. But eighth grade has four trade books (individual-title books), and you have time to do more than that (during the school year).

    I think she did a great job as vice chair. She seems to have a lot of passion for the university and the welfare of the student body. She's a hard worker, and she really cares about what she does.

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