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    He had been bored, that's all, bored like most people. Hence he had made himself out of whole cloth a life full of complications and drama. Something must happen - and that explains most human commitments. Something must happen, even loveless slavery, even war or death. Hurray then for funerals!

    We try to differ in our approach to the issue. Instead of the 'I talk, you listen' scenario, we introduce international practices that allow both young participants and their trainers to be actively engaged in activities, such as role-plays, games, dramas and discussions.

    One of the greatest things drama can do, at it's best, is to redefine the words we use every day such as love, home, family, loyalty and envy. Tragedy need not be a downer.

    It would add to the drama, ... I just don't see a lot of factors against it. It could really add to the game and take out the human-error aspect, which is out there.

    We grew up as kids watching those movies and we were exposed to themes of civil rights, unfairness, bigotry and fathers struggling against the kind of mob of the town, so you remember how you felt as a kid being taken seriously, that you are part of the human drama.

    It's great drama, isn't it We're like entertainment. We're a little bit of a miniseries right now that people can relate to, where everyone's a heartbreaker. The ratings people have got to love us because every one of them comes down to the wire.

    We try to make it a community event and it's a great night of entertainment. You don't have to know much about marching bands. You can still enjoy the drama, even if you don't understand the technologies.

    The fact that we had nine months of this drama, it is obviously embarrassing to him, ... But somehow I'm convinced that Monday he will face that grand jury and make his case, but what I think is most important to him is that Chelsea and Hillary are standi

    Heather McDonald's thoughtful Broadway drama, An Almost Holy Picture, ... I was at the theater one night and a woman said to her friend, 'This is a musical, isn't it'

    Gossiping doesn't belong in the office. Most of us don't want to hear somebody else's personal drama. If there's good news ... graduation, a new house ... but the negative stuff doesn't have a place in the office.

    Inside every trade negotiator there is a drama queen just bursting to get out. In the final stages of the game, you would expect to see dramatic performances both inside and outside the negotiating chamber.

    All sorts of different things motivate people to do things - and from a storytelling standpoint, if you can take a character that's grappling with issues in their lives and sort of force them to deal with them, that's a great source of drama. For me, that

    The Taliban are thankful to the Afghan people for rejecting the U.S. drama. Our jihad (holy war) will continue until the withdrawal of foreign infidel troops, and our attacks will be expedited. The Taliban have become more organized and strong.

    In all the great periods of the drama perfect freedom of choice and subject, perfect freedom of individual treatment, and an audience eager to give itself to sympathetic listening, even if instruction be involved, have brought the great results.

    I realized that the experiences were so intense for people that they needed to have at least 10 experiences before they got through the drama, the physiological-emotional drama, and could rebirth themselves.

    We all saw the evacuation of Houston during the hurricane. In the exodus from Paris, five million people hit the road in fear of the impending battle. After the French surrendered without a defense of Paris, many moved back. For me, the drama was that eva

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