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    What's funny is a lot of conversation these days is about Hollywood and the effects of popular culture, but I never hear anyone mention that there are images from Iraq on television every day, ... I mean, it is violent. And yet it is almost like it is not on television. People are just real selective about what they choose to point fingers at.

    People ought to tithe because they belong to a community that they believe in and they want to see prosper. Tithing is a form of voluntary taxation. In our culture, we should spend more time thinking in communitarian terms about taxation.

    We know that implementing the convention will not be easy, as smoking is an ingrained habit in China, but the government has made clear its commitment to take action.

    Roman, remember that you shall rule the nations by your authority, for this is to be your skill, to make peace the custom, to spare the conquered, and to wage war until the haughty are brought low.

    I think the country is very settled in a lot of ways, and we saw that after the Democratic Convention. I think a lot of the bump that we enjoyed came when John Kerry selected John Edwards as his running mate.

    The strategy in place today respects neither human rights nor the Geneva Conventions. The current administration in Washington is trying to combat terrorism outside legal means, the rule of law.

    I thought I would put it in there because you constantly see celebrities all the time in celebrity magazines and TV shows and the public almost follows them in a worshipping kind of way. While everything else in the exhibit is more spiritual or related to religion, this is a pop culture piece that I thought would show how spirituality is something that is applicable to everyday things, especially in our culture.

    The Coast Guard recognizes we live in a global economy and that foreign-owned corporations are operating within the United States. Laws and international conventions are currently in place.

    Our democracy, our culture, our whole way of life is a spectacular triumph of the blah. Why not have a political convention without politics to nominate a leader who's out in front of nobody Maybe our national mindlessness is the very thing that keeps us from turning into one of those smelly European countries full of pseudo-reds and crypto-fascists and greens who dress like forest elves.

    Taylor is being honored as an extraordinary human being, musician and humanitarian who has made a global impact on music and culture, ... As the quintessential singersongwriter, he embodies the creative spirit that is the hallmark of our finest and most enduring musical icons. His impact on the music and culture of our era has been enormous.

    the part that he has been waiting for. He's 38 years old. He's never led a movie successfully. When I say 'successfully,' I mean like to the point where it took root in the culture and became a fixture in the culture ... For all of the respect that he gets, it hasn't happened. And this is a role that required everything he absolutely had. This thing took a lot out of him.

    Simply put, it works. The Exxon Mobil culture is something that a lot of people would like to understand better. I'm not really going to help them understand it, because it's the source of our competitive advantage.

    As a culture, we're very emotional and I know that's a generality, but it's true. We need to believe that those folks on the screen are part of our household, and then you've got a hit.

    I firmly believe this is an industry that has to reinvent its reason for existing. Companies will have to change what they need to sell, change how they sell, and therefore change their culture.

    Gay culture is surviving and thriving. Some activists believe the recent rise in homophobic violence might be a gauge of the success of positive gay images.

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