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    Ours is a youth culture, and like a golf tournament, we honor only low scores.

    Governments have reached an important milestone. But it is also a crossroads. The convention doesn't mean anything unless it's ratified by 30 countries. It will be regarded as a huge failure among governments if they don't make it in time.

    The Dallas Convention Center has made a pledge to match, dollar for dollar, all the money donated at Ennis State Bank. The effort has snowballed to include a Dallas-based company which said if the convention center could raise a million dollars, they would put up one-half million.

    This great society is going smash; They cannot fool us with how fast they go, How much they cost each other and the gods; A culture is no better than its woods.

    I admire the moguls of the game. The Russell Simmons, Quincy Jones and P. Diddys of the world. They have done things that affected our culture, and I want to do the same thing.

    We were absolutely on the top of a wave. We had shows in the building, conventions coming in. We went from 1,600 hotel rooms in 1992 to 18,000 in the county, soon to go to 25,000. A ton of talent was running through here, and it was all coming together.

    We're real. The ladies that join the club and come to the convention all like to have a good time together and form friendships. And other than The Bob Club, I don't know of any organization with the only qualification being your name.

    All the prices do seem to move in lock step. There has been talk of raising prices for several months. I'm surprised (music companies) raised the issue. It's clear the industry convention is 99 cents.

    Asked what changed in the tide to allow them to be stars, Hoffman laughs and replies, A decline in the culture. ... Everyone has a chance if you're lucky enough to find the property and we all three individually were very fortunate.

    Admitting the force of these contentions, nevertheless, the custom of meeting together in public assembly for the consideration of the most serious, the most exalted topics of human interest is too vitally precious to be lost.

    As the end of the century approaches, all our culture is like flies at the beginning of winter. Having lost their agility, dreamy and demented, they turn slowly about the window in the first icy mists of morning, . . . then they fall down the curtains.

    This is the way the UN operates. And it goes to the question, which is a much longer term question, as to whether the culture of decision making at the UN is the most effective for the organization and that's something that's not going to be resolved today or tomorrow.

    It's not any desire on my part to start playing dads, but it's a convention of drama. If you don't get the parts of young people going out to nightclubs, you have to play their fathers.

    These are cultural treasures, ... and they really do not belong to any one person, they belong to a society, a culture, and they should be enjoyed by everyone. ICE's mission is to stop the illicit trade in these artifacts, to track down and return these items and make sure they go back to their rightful owners.

    Sir, you're not telling me that you just learned that the folks at the convention centre didn't have food and water until today, are you You had no idea that they were completely cut off

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