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    To me, Ennis stands for the conservative side of America. He's the biggest homophobe in the whole movie - culturally and psychologically - but by the time he admits his feelings, it's too late.

    The question becomes, which is the conservative and which is the radical decision I think the more radical choice, frankly, is not to give the vaccine.

    Nor do the nation's regionally and ethnically diverse Latinos attach themselves to just one party on the issues. The Hispanic vote is very hard to pigeonhole, ... On certain issues, they're very conservative. On other issues, just the opposite - they're very liberal.

    That would lead to more bullish analyst reports on the companies, which would help the stock price. We wouldn't change our estimates on the company, but we'd say in the reports the official expectation was conservative.

    It's hard for me to say. I'm not out there. I don't know how their practices were being run. It's hard to make those statements from afar. Those are the issues that obviously are concerning to all the clubs involved. . . . I don't know if (Team USA) was too aggressive or too conservative. I just don't know.

    Most absurdly in the program, the Aidan Quinn character is portrayed as a courageous priest challenging a conservative church hierarchy. In real life, the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut has a liberal bishop who is cracking down on dissenting conservative priests. The national Episcopal hierarchy is overwhelmingly liberal, and orthodox Episcopalians are increasingly looking to overseas Anglican primates for leadership and protection.

    We'd all like to believe Intel's forecast is conservative, but I don't think it behooves them to be conservative. I would argue they're painting a realistic picture.

    That Roberts is a conservative Republican willing and no doubt enthusiastic to be part of Bush I, we already knew, ... We will not learn much else from any memo from his time at the solicitor general's office unless improbably a personal note from him to the attorney general was revealed.

    I thought it was extraordinary that I was getting this personal message from the person perceived as the top conservative in the White House, and that had some weight, ... But he said, 'Look, Gary, this guy is a conservative, and he's going to be a reliable conservative on our side of the issues.'

    I'm a liberal when it comes to human rights, the poor so's George Bush.... But Liberal and Conservative don't mean much to me anymore. Does that mean we care about people and are interested and want to help And if that makes you a Liberal, so be it.

    In an up cycle, it is very difficult to forecast the velocity of the earnings growth. Therefore, Wall Street prices in a premium for these stocks because it's human nature to be conservative,

    My ambitions are to continue to support Stephen Harper and the Conservative party and see that he becomes the next prime minister of Canada and that our party forms government in the next election,

    The real point is not that the court is conservative, but that the spectrum of views on the court today represents a particular range, from ardent conservative to central or moderate liberal. There's something to be said for a court of centrists, but that's not what we have. One end of the spectrum is represented, and not the other.

    She's gone down the liberal road, and I've gone down the conservative road, ... You've seen the jobs being chased away from your state, and we've seen jobs grow in our state.

    It's a conservative budget. We always overestimate our expenditures and underestimate our revenues, so we should be in pretty good shape by the end of the year.

    What drew me to Office Space was just doing something totally different. Almost theatre-like, completely over the top, a real departure from News Radio. I think I am conservative, not eccentric. I don't have any inhibitions about making a fool of myself, but you have to, to be in comedy.

    I think what all of us are trying to get to is just what's in his heart and what he believes and what kind of conservative he is. If he's a Sandra Day O'Connor conservative, he's going to be accepted by this committee by a strong vote. But if he's got a strong political and ideological agenda, I think he's in for a rough ride.

    We took the test results from TRC Inc. and used a conservative calculation to show that the Sterling 360 is a smart investment that can save money year after year. It assumes that a customer drives a pick-up and delivery truck with a dry van box, travels 20,000 miles a year on average, and pays 2.50 per gallon of diesel fuel. Under these common circumstances, that adds up to a savings of 600 a year or more with the Sterling 360 over competitive models. Imagine where you could spend the extra money every year.

    We always lived on John's salary, and whatever I earned was put aside for remodeling or for traveling. That's how we can afford to do this. We've been very conservative, lived very frugally. We were almost self-contained, raising our own fruits and vegetables and rabbits. About the only thing we bought was milk.

    The smarter conservatives, in my view, probably know that a lot of the things they're saying are not true, which only makes them say them with greater certainty. But there's another level of conservative spokesperson who probably believes every word of his or her propaganda and are immune to facts, immune to argument.

    That's not including the cost of attending events or cost of getting to and from Indianapolis. And it's incredibly conservative. It doesn't take into consideration the premium on hotel rates and the additional fans who came without a ticket.

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