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Cheerleading Quotes (6 Quotes)

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  • When we were doing the cheerleading for this, I was excited about doing it because I always wanted to be a cheerleader. I always wanted to but I didn't get to because I was working.
    (Christina Milian)
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  • My favourite sport is cheerleading!
    (Miley Cyrus)
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  • It's what we stress at camp, and we give them the tools chants, cheers, basic stunts and safety techniques to be effective (cheerleaders). Cheerleading is very athletic, there's no doubt about that, but the main purpose remains the same, to generate spirit, lead the crowd.
    (Jeff Webb)
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  • The conference has been cognizant of certain risks involved with cheerleader stunts, tosses and pyramids and years ago, through the AACCA (American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators), implemented policies we use in our tournaments.
    (Charles Bloom)
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  • We're very concerned when something like this happens. We don't want to curtail unnecessarily anything viewed in cheerleading culture as routine. But we don't want the risk of serious or catastrophic injuries.
    (Doug Elgin)
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  • What the administrators are trying to achieve is a conference where the same schools are in the conference for all sports, including cheerleading. We will have one set of common bylaws that all schools sports are abiding by.
    (Jim Spears)
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