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    The basic news was they're looking to see how to tighten the budget in light of ongoing declines in circulation, which were described as about 4 percent a year... and what were described as flat revenues and increasing newsprint costs.

    If needed to balance the budget, I will be willing to raise income taxes on the wealthiest and close corporate benefits and loopholes that have been given over the last few years,

    By increasing the use of renewable fuels such as ethanol and bio-diesel, and providing the Department of Energy with a budget to create more energy efficiency options, agriculture can be the backbone of our energy supply as well.

    While Hatch blames the loss on last-minute opposition whipped up by President Bill Clinton, the White House differs. What really cost Senator Hatch, ... was the leader and his party indicating that this was a deal-breaker and he would pull the budget resolution down if the Kennedy-Hatch amendment passed.

    I think Adam is a top driver who just needs to polish off a few little bits and pieces here and there. But he's a joy to work with, and he's just as quick as the best of them. In this category at the moment, you have to make sure that every little thing is alright on the night and I think, for the first season, he has done exceptionally well. Generally, his performances have been much stronger than drivers with a larger budget. Adam has got what it takes to be a Formula One driver.

    For the present time Think Ohio is merely an informationpublic relations campaign. We have funded Think Ohio through our internal Student Government budget. This stream of funding does not allow us to lobby for partisan issues or for individual candidates. It also sets very stringent restrictions on the way and the amount of money that can be raised.

    I have absolutely no regret about my vote against this war. The same questions remain. The cost in human lives, the cost to our budget, probably 100 billion. We could have probably brought down that statue for a lot less.

    I don't believe in taxing the good people of Kansas, New Hampshire, and California 30 billion on the grounds that otherwise you'll tax them more later. If we actually had saved all the money that advocates of government spending had promised their programs would save, the federal budget would be negative by now.

    The concern obviously of a supplementary budget is the impact on the budget deficit, which will grow for the current fiscal year and will continue to feed into the inflationary cycle.

    As with 29 other teams, defense is always a concern. I know Jay is looking. We do have a budget, as all of the teams do, and we have to find the right piece. It may come up to the last day of the preseason to see if something is there. Maybe it doesn't. All we can do as a coaching staff and as a team is whoever is here when we open up against Boston, we are going to try to play under a strict team concept and do the best we can.

    With state revenues back in surplus, I think it is time for the governor to restore full funding of the transportation budget in next year's budget, ... Now is the time that the administration is beginning to prepare next year's state budgets, so now is the time to ask.

    But when you're writing a script - for me anyway - you have to sort of create an enforced innocence. You have to divest yourself of worrying about a lot of stuff like what movies are hot, what movies are not hot, what the budget of this movie might be.

    Rather than simply auditing assumptions, the NAO should report progress against the Chancellor's fiscal rules at the time of the Budget and pre-Budget report,

    Advertisers could care less about the media as long as it works. They have a budget and they want to reach people. But these are seismic changes in terms of traditional media being able to maintain their growth rates. Most of the traditional media are public companies under tremendous pressure to increase growth year after year.

    Families across America are waiting for us to make good on our promise. They're waiting for us to send some of the budget surplus back to them. So let's pass the marriage tax penalty relief bill once and for all.

    We're pretty confident it will be maintained or continued. Unlike other Bush tax provisions, it actually raises tax revenue under the budget rules because participants are paying taxes today.

    The government is undecided on a lot of things including the budget date, its content, Maltas EU commissioner, government re-shuffle and utility tariffs. It is not even replying to our most simple parliamentary questions and no motion we presented in well over a year was discussed

    I can't say enough for what I learned at that point about the art of negotiation, about how state government really works, ... And in the end, it's not something that's all that abnormal. It's a process of compromise and consensus because for the budget to get done, you need that.

    Steve was my division commander. He helped me get through so much. He taught me how to prepare a budget and take inventory. He helped me wade through all the paper work. He helped all of us - that's just the kind of guy he is.

    The benefit to families struggling to make ends meet is two-fold - children receive a nutritious meal, and the family budget is able to stretch a little further.

    What the Democrats have is a good point that we probably decided on this tax cut in a hasty fashion. We should have waited to see how the economy was going to unfold over the course of this year and what other demands were going to be placed on the budget

    You used reports of a projected surplus in the budget to basically promise everything to everybody. In fact, you took credit for everything except raising our property taxes.

    There's probably a domino effect from higher fuel prices. We probably will have to wait until we are a little farther into the budget year before we decide whether to adjust it.

    As we go forward and make investments, we have to make sure we're making wise investments and the decision on what gets funded and what amount gets decided on merits and not just political muscle, ... That's what's been happening in the Corps' budget. You can have one of the most important projects in the country, but if it happens in a freshman's district, it's probably not going to get funded.

    Moms will probably draw a line on these dolls but they're a good 'allowance' toy for kids on a weekly or monthly budget, ... They're goofy, gross, inexpensive and a classic buy for a 5-year-old boy.

    When the Gulf War happened, spending fell immediately thereafter. You had collapse of communism, and the need for budget cuts, ... Now the budget is heavily in surplus, and the public is crying out for protection. I think you'll have sustained increase in defense spending.

    Despite a record 427 billion deficit predicted for fiscal 2005, members of Congress are engaging in the worst form of blatant self-interest larding the budget with pork for home districts and states,

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