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    What was it, he wondered for the hundredth time, that enabled Pastor Harris to hear the answers in his heart? What did he mean when he said he felt God's presence? Steve supposed he could ask Pastor Harris directly, but he doubted that would do any good. How could anyone explain such a thing? It would be like describing colors to someone blind from birth: The words might be understood, but the concept would remain mysterious and private.

    I witness the birth on paper of sentences that have eluded my will and appear in spite of me on the sheet, teaching me something that I neither knew nor thought I might want to know. This painless birth, like an unsolicited proof, gives me untold pleasure, and with neither toil nor certainty but the joy of frank astonishment I follw the pen that is guiding and supporting me.

    Their point of resemblance to each other and their difference from so many American women, lay in the fact that they were all happy to exist in a man's world--they preserved their individuality through men and not by opposition to them. They would all three have made alternatively good courtesans or good wives not by the accident of birth but through the greater accident of finding their man or not finding him.

    There is to me about this place a smell of rot, the smell of rot that ripe fruit makes. Nowhere, ever, have the hideous mechanics of birth and copulation and death -those monstrous upheavals of life that the Greeks call miasma, defilement- been so brutal or been painted up to look so pretty; have so many people put so much faith in lies and mutability and death death death.

    Do you see the slightest evidence anywhere in the universe that creation came to an end with the birth of man? Do you see the slightest evidence anywhere out there that man was the climax toward which creation had been straining from the beginning? ...Very far from it. The universe went on as before, the planet went on as before. Man's appearance caused no more stir than the appearance of jellyfish.

    I am human. Like all humans, I do not remember my birth. By the time we wake up to ourselves, we are little children, and our advent is something that happened an eternity ago, at the beginning of time. We live like latecomers to the theater; we must catch up as best we can, divining the begging from the shape of later events. - Vida Winter

    Our lives are so important to us that we tend to think the story of them begins with our birth. First there was nothing, then I was born...Yet that is not so. Human lives are not pieces of string that can be separated out from a knot of others and laid out straight. Families are webs. Impossible to touch one part of it without setting the rest vibrating. Impossible to understand one part without having a sense of the whole. - Vida Winter

    I see a beautiful city and a brilliant people rising from this abyss, and, in their struggles to be truly free, in their triumphs and defeats, through long years to come, I see the evil of this time and of the previous time of which this is the natural birth, gradually making expiation for itself and wearing out...

    Then there were those girls who became midwives: girls who could not get enough of the tiniest of babies - girls who would grow into women who absolutely reveled in the magnificent process of birth...The difference between a woman who becomes an OB and the women who becomes and midwife has less to do with education, philosophy or upbringing than with the depth of her appreciation for the miracle of labor and for life in its moment of emergence.

    All mothers are tired right after having a baby - it helps them get the rest that they needs to recover and heal from the physical and mental stressors of childbirth. But for most women, fatigue steadily fades within the first two weeks of giving birth.

    I've always thought that the most extraordinary special effect you could do is to buy a child at the moment of its birth, sit it on a little chair and say, You'll have three score years and ten, and take a photograph every minute.

    To care for the quarrels of the past, to identify oneself passionately with a cause that became, politically speaking, a losing cause with the birth of the modern world, is to experience a kind of straining against reality, a rebellious nonconformity that, again, is rare in America, where children are instructed in the virtues of the system they live under, as though history had achieved a happy ending in American civics.

    Why, Creator must it all reach man through the lie of Knowledge as long as it is not given so that man knows it It is precisely because in order to bring to light the vanity of this world that runs towards death once it has been tainted through a sexual act How much death is there in asexual act that leads to the birth of a new life In the sexual ct we will find the birth of death that will come with the creation of the being. There is not a being that has no death because everything that exists also dies and everything that dies must have lived in order to die, as mortality has in it as much life as life has death.Where will we find in this world the gate of death if not in the gate of life, in the sexual act, as we will find the gate of life exclusively in death because only in reference to it can life still be itself with its image of destiny included.

    Creator Ryan Murphy may have had this grand scheme before then, but I remember shooting this flashback scene where they shot the three of them on this home movie camera and put a wig on Julian, ... And the wig looked a lot like my hair did at the time. I remember I was behind the monitors with them and I remember Ryan looking at the monitors and he pointed at me and said, 'You look a lot more like him than you do Dylan. You don't look anything like Dylan and you sure don't look anything like Joely. You actually kind of look like Julian.' And I think he literally went like, 'hmmm.' Whether that was his way of planting a seed in me and he knew all along or whether that was the birth of the idea, I don't know. I wasn't shocked when that happened.

    Fashion is the most intense expression of the phenomenon of neomania, which has grown ever since the birth of capitalism. Neomania assumes that purchasing the new is the same as acquiring value. If the purchase of a new garment coincides with the wearing out of an old one, then obviously there is no fashion. If a garment is worn beyond the moment of its natural replacement, there is pauperization. Fashion flourishes on surplus, when someone buys more than he or she needs.

    1. For the beauty of the earth, For the glory of the skies For the love which from our birth, Over and around us lies Lord of all, to Thee we raise This, our hymn of grateful praise. 2. For the wonder of each hour, Of the day and of the night Hill and.

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