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    The common conception is that motivation leads to action, but the reverse is true -- action precedes motivation. You have to ''prime the pump'' and get the juice flowing, which motivates you to work on your goals. Getting momentum going is the most difficult part of the job, and often taking the first step is enough to prompt you to make the best of your day.

    The Congress and the president have to be brought to account for their rogue actions in moving to enact this very controversial legislation without complying with the Constitution. This time, they will have to answer for their actions.

    We have an anticipated debt of 400 billion this year, and that's before the first dollar in whatever military action may be required will be expended, ... Without a question, this will exacerbate the debt and complicate our fiscal circumstances beyond anything, I would say, in history.

    We have been very disappointed in the unprofessional and dangerous behavior that some of the local vessels have engaged in during the course of our operations. It is distressing to see the casual attitude that some local Captains take toward marine laws and safety, a matter we take very seriously. On numerous occasions during the past weeks, we have seen small local boats approach our ship in a careless manner, apparently not realizing the danger of their actions. The thrusters that are engaged during dynamic positioning operations present a serious threat to small vessels that come too close, which is why we request a safe working perimeter through the Notice to Mariners. We are seeking legal redress to prevent this from happening in the future in order to avail ourselves of every avenue available before someone is seriously hurt or worse.

    This is not an ordinary lawsuit, and the issues may consequently take on added significance. While I am convinced that the individual legal issues do not warrant the filing of a petition action, I recognize that a decision to the contrary has something to recommend it.

    The call of our pre ordained destiny cannot be altered, it follows from our past actions. The True Lord sits and writes of ambrosial nectar and bitter poison, as the Lord attaches us, so are we attached.

    Even scientific knowledge, if there is anything to it, is not a random observation of random objects; for the critical objectivity of significant knowledge is attained as a practice only philosophically in inner action.

    The marker said third down, ... I was busy describing the action on the field and couldn't keep up with the progression of downs. Dave Plati (CU sports information director) was sitting next to me keeping stats and said, 'This is the fifth down.' There was confusion on the field, but I thought they just weren't sure whether Charles Johnson had made it into the end zone. Then, with time having run out, they called the teams back onto the field, but it was just to kick the extra point.

    The greatest asset of America is to rally around a cause. That cause will have to come from leadership. Policy and action may be complicated, and changes certainly won't happen overnight, but we've got to start somewhere, and the first step is in creating interest that can turn into action.

    Fix your eye on the ball from the moment the pitcher holds it in his glove. Follow it as he throws to the plate and stay with it until the play is completed. Action takes place only where the ball goes.

    There is still a lot of work to do beyond the Ford agreement. The scale of restructuring in the industry is just enormous. It is going to take time, take some aggressive actions, and it is going to be expensive.

    The Iraqi people and the Muslims worldwide should not fall into the trap of those who seek division to further their own political agendas. Any violence that is committed in reaction to this despicable action is also not acceptable in Islam.

    Commandments are of three kinds one commands an action, the reward of which is clear, then do it another forbids an action which leads astray, abstain from it and in another arise contradictions, resign that to God.

    Based on the fact that she felt she was in a fight for her life, it constitutes attempted murder. It was his actions, with his hands wrapped around her throat and that she couldn't breathe.

    Now we have a different situation, where one group of states, led by the U. S., is saying that some threats -- particularly terrorism and weapons of mass destruction -- are so dangerous that they dare not wait until they are attacked, or until there is an agreement in the Security Council, before taking action,

    These targeted actions are about running our business right, not just about belt tightening, ... They flow not only from lower membership levels and the sale of certain businesses, but also from re-engineering decisions that will make the company more disciplined and efficient.

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