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    The test of a successful person is not an ability to eliminate all problems beforethey arise, but to meet and work out difficulties when they do arise. We must bewilling to make an intelligent compromise with perfection lest we wait foreverbefore taking action. It's still good advice to cross bridges as we come to them.

    Olympians are the product of the Movement, and to get them to the stadiums, pools and playing fields, it takes the actions of legions of people who might not be Olympians.

    I cannot conceive of a personal God who would directly influence the actions of individuals, or would directly sit in judgment on creatures of his own creation. I cannot do this in spite of the fact that mechanistic causality has, to a certain extent

    They've made a calculation take action, but with the least discomfort to other portions of the coalition--some of the more moderate suburban women who don't react to this with the same enthusiasm I might.

    It is focused on battling the grand problems of terrorism in all of its manifestations, ... For this reason the Mexican government firmly supports these actions.

    Study the situation thoroughly, go over in your imagination the various courses of action possible to you and the consequences which can and may follow from each course. Pick out the course which gives the most promise and go ahead.

    They argued that 911 was an act-of- war sort of thing that had an effect on the airline industry and lowered their scale of operation, giving them no choice, ... From our standpoint, the city didn't have the jurisdiction under the contract to do anything but ask the state to take action.

    Intervention for the prevention and control of osteoporosis should comprise a combination of legislative action, educational measures, health service activities, media coverage, and individual counselling to initiate changes in behaviour.

    Tennessee sent a strong message that Love and Action is not above the law. This dangerous and dysfunctional group should be held accountable and expected to adhere to professional standards like other mental health facilities in the state. Tennessee is rightfully and responsibly protecting its citizens from unscrupulous and unlicensed practitioners posing as genuine mental health professionals. I urge every state in the nation to look at their local 'ex-gay' groups to determine if they meet basic mental health guidelines.

    Isn't this real political will ... Syria is doing all it can do, but the problem is on the other side. They like to make accusations, not action. On the other side, there is no efforts whatsoever to stop these people.

    When you are piling things on top of each other, by nature you will have a pyramid shape. Your mass will be bigger at the bottom, smaller than what you have up higher. When you have wave action, if it is going close to the top, it will start working its way through the structure, which can erode it and create a failure.

    The more hawkish rhetoric we've had from the ECB and talk of the next move in interest rates being up is protecting the euro a little. The problem the market has is that it's tougher talk, but action is still some way away.

    If speculation tends thus to a terrific unity, in which all things are absorbed, action tends directly back to diversity. The first is the course or gravitation of mind the second is the power of nature. Nature is manifold. The unity absorbs, and melts or reduces. Nature opens and creates. These two principles reappear and interpenetrate all things, all thought the one, the many.

    It is no wisdom ever to commend or discommend the actions of men by their success for oftentimes some enterprises attempted by good counsel end unfortunately, and others unadvisedly taken in hand have happy success.

    Japan needs to follow through with its promises. The continued embargo costs the U. S. beef industry 100 million a month. If Japan is going to keep throwing up roadblocks, we need to take retaliatory action.

    I think that feeling that if one believed absolutely in any cause, then one must have the confidence, the self-certainty, to go through with that particular course of action.

    I do not by any means believe the initiative, the referendum, and the recall are the panacea for all our political ills, yet they do give to the electorate the power of action when desired, and they do place in the hands of the people the means by which they may protect themselves.

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