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    We have been blessed with great tradition - established by having a great University, great coaches and great players. In establishing a set of criteria with extremely high standards, these three stood out among the rest. Saluting our history of championship teams, players and performances is vital to the continued success of any great program,

    The preliminary plan ... was to add four to five rows in those door areas, about 60 to 70 seats in each corner. We've got to see about the viability of that. We still have to have an 8-foot clearance for fans to walk out and it has to be approved by the f

    UT athletics director Mike Hamilton said the Tennessee party had four buses, and he was on the last one, which included other school officials and cheerleaders. They were throwing bottles at the buses and that kind of stuff, ... The bus I was on, they broke three of the windows.

    For future games, we hope our fans will continue to support our teams with great passion and energy but will celebrate victories in the stands and not on the floor.

    This will be a great series for our team and our fans, and it continues our model of playing major interconference rivals that bring national attention to our program,

    I don't dispute that we probably could have - quote, unquote - played the game, ... But for us, it went beyond playing the game. It involved the transportation of university employees and student-athletes in what in our opinion was not a safe environment.

    We are delighted to be recognized by Training Magazine as one of the top ten companies on the Training 100 list for a fifth straight year. The global Ernst Young organization is committed to a culture of putting our people first. Part of this commitment is providing our professionals with continual training and learning opportunities that help them develop and grow, leading to increased fulfillment in their work and the highest quality service to our clients.

    We're not living in the middle of that every day. It's life. There are folks in Baton Rouge who are having to deal with circumstances that hopefully none of us will ever have to deal with personally. That's what makes it touchy.

    He cares deeply about what we're doing, whether or not we're winning and how we're doing it. But he's not a meddler. If we need something, he's the first one there willing to help. But he doesn't meddle. In this era of college athletics, that's refreshing.

    But for today, as the standards have been set forth, these are the three players that meet those standards.

    We're just going to bring it up to date. It hasn't been totally remodeled. We've done a lot of smaller remodel jobs on it, but it's been 20 years since it's totally been gone through. So we're going to redo it and bring it all up to date.

    There seems to be a big division between competitive and leisure interests, because if those two groups disagree we won't get 60 percent of the voters.

    With the No.3 team in the country and the No.10 team in the country, we felt like it was an important game that needed to be played.

    Playing it in the day would allow fans to get there and then drive wherever they needed to drive to find a hotel room,

    Pearl thinks that will energize the crowd. We want to help the basketball coach, and I think the students want to help the basketball coach.

    In my mind, it's a simple decision, ... You decide you're going to play Monday or decide you're going to play the game. If we felt like it would be unfair to our student-athletes and not safe for our student-athletes, we were prepared to forfeit the game.

    It has been an unbelievable thing to watch. I can't really explain what it is, but whatever it is, Bruce has it. Whatever it is that he's selling, our student-athletes, our students and fans are really buying it.

    In his first year at Tennessee, Coach Pearl accomplished more than we could have hoped for. His energy and enthusiasm have brought new life to Tennessee basketball.

    It's a privilege and a pleasure to share what I've learned, ... By studying interactively to create striking hip-sound sounds with the right effects, EQ, and mixing styles, I feel the graduates of this course will have that critical edge over the competition.

    I think you base pay increases on substantially successful years.

    I mean his heart and soul is Maine hockey. He was disappointed in himself and we feel for him. He loves everyone on the team. We've got such a tight knit team, he didn't want to let us down. But we'll look to try and get him back in the lineup for Sunday.

    I think he will be one of the highest paid coaches in the conference. Right now he's in the middle of the pack with his salary. If we're going to have a program that aspires to be one of the top three or four programs in the league on a regular, consistent basis that comes at a cost. That's the direction we'll probably need to continue to head.

    It put the Georgia security people in a bad situation, and frankly, it put our people in a bad situation. It happened in the excitement of the moment, and our intentions were good. It was truly a celebration of our fans. But all things being equal, we don't need to have our players in the stands of an opposing arena. It wasn't fair to put Georgia in that kind of position.

    Are we going to recognize our tradition or not If we're going to recognize our tradition, then let's get on with it.

    We can build on this. We will probably continue to have some type of basketball lettermen's reunion every year. It might not be this same formal process where they're recognized at a football game, but it might be at a basketball game.

    Right now, we have plans to put a Neyland statue out there, as well as some type of system to recognize our great players, All-Americans and College Hall of Fame members,

    I guess our concern is that some people will slide under the radar and other people won't do it.

    UT has had a lot of outstanding athletes. We are constantly looking for new ways to recognize these young men for their contributions to our program. This is one way we acknowledge all they have done, and continue to do, for the University.

    Our game management staff and university officials previously had discussed and had in place several security measures designed to ensure safety.

    We knew it was going to be a tough game no matter who was in their lineup. They played well. But we stuck to the game plan and persevered at the end.

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